‘Correlation between air temperature and chance of heart attack’

‘Correlation between air temperature and chance of heart attack’

The temperature of the air would affect the chance of a heart attack. The number of heart attacks would be during the winter period are higher than during the summer.

That, say scientists from the Swedish Lund University as a result of their research Monday at the European Society of Cardiology congress, is presented.

The researchers made use of a database with data of 280.873 Swedish patients between 1 January 1998 and 31 december 2013, of a heart attack had been. These data were compared with meteorological data from hundreds of weather stations of the Swedisch Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.

The researchers divided the air temperatures in the three categories: below zero, between one and ten degrees, or above ten degrees. In the Swedish study, it would appear that the number of heart attacks with four per day increased when the temperature is below zero degrees declined, in comparison to the days in which the temperature is above ten degrees lag. Also the researchers say that the wind speed, the number of hours of sunshine and a higher air humidity can affect the number of heart attacks.

The patients were divided into the subgroups (the elderly, people with hypertension, diabetes, and people who previously had a heart attack had been. The relationship between heart attacks and weather conditions was found in all subgroups are equal. Also, there would be no difference between the results at national and regional level.


“We do not know whether the results of this research are caused by the difference in temperature or by a change in someone’s behaviour during the winter,” says professor Moman A. Mohammad. According to the researchers, is a follow-up study is needed to other factors of a heart attack contribute.

“Respiratory tract infections and influenza are known risk factors for a heart attack. In addition, changes to the physical activity and eating patterns by season and this could also may play a role in the more frequent occurrence of a heart attack during colder weather.”

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