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One of the two patients in France has been diagnosed with any of the new corona virus, it is possible to in the Netherlands. That the report of the French health care organization, SOS Médecins Bordeaux, this Friday on Facebook.

DISCLAIMER: About an hour after publishing this post, the GOVERNMENT is in discussion with the a common misconception is concerned. The patient is in France, not in Holland.

According to the health care organization would be the man that the French doctors would have said that he was out of the country, but also in China, and specifically in the province of Wuhan, has been used. He said that he himself was of Chinese origin.

Friday night, the first of two, the infection of the corona virus detected in France, one in Paris and one in Bordeaux, france.

“The patient is in Bordeaux, a man of 48 who is has been returned to China,” according to the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn. “He’s been with since yesterday, is hospitalized in an isolated room. Ever since he had returned to France, he came in contact with at least a dozen people.”

The Minister Buyzn does not exclude the possibility that there are more cases to be reported.

Health and safety: ‘We are ready’

In the Netherlands the ministry of Health and the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has yet been reported of a patient who may be in the Netherlands, has been used. At this time, therefore, no additional measures have to be taken.

“We are seeing at the moment is no reason to keep the current policy to adapt it. We went in, there has always been that of a person in Europe could be and will have to be prepared for,” said spokesman Harald Wychgel from the GOVERNMENT.

In China, the virus has by now definitely 26 people to their death. The number of confirmed infections is now up to more than a hundred.

Up to now, it is well known that the disease can be transmitted from person-to-person, but it seems to be not very contagious. Most of the deaths were elderly and had underlying health conditions.

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