Coronavirus fears cause poll worker failure, safety concerns ahead of Florida primary

in the vicinityVideoDNC moved Biden-Sanders debate from Phoenix to Washington, DC

Coronavirus concerns lead DNC location of the first head-to-change-to-head debate between the Democratic presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden; Peter Doocy reports from Wilmington, Delaware.

Election officials around the country move last minute changes to how and where to throw voters their ballot in the remaining primaries, such as the USA and coincides with the expansion of Corona-Virus outbreak.

The States voting next Tuesday is the PV – Arizona, Florida, Illinois and Ohio are protect extra protective measures, both the voters and the election workers from COVID-19, including the moving of polling locations, recruitment of reserve-choice helper, and promotion of the populations agree with most of the virus, early or send in an absentee ballot, the ballot.

Perhaps nowhere is the taking of precautionary measures is more serious than in Florida, where the residents – including the state’s more than 4.3 million people over the age of 65 years, or about 20 percent of the state’s population – will head to the polls on next Tuesday. The elderly and people with underlying health conditions are most at risk for the development of serious complications if they contract the coronavirus.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has declared that the nursing homes are affected at the highest risk from the virus, given the age of the residents and the close quarters in which people live, but nursing homes are also popular places for the retrieval of Websites.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, called the use of nursing homes as polling sites “problematic” during a press conference on Wednesday and suggested that, if a polling site on one of these systems, only the residents should be able to agree to it.

In Pinellas County, home of the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg – election-officials said they are local redirection voters in the future to cast a ballot in a nursing home, the nearest choice.


Another question, with a view to election officials in the Sunshine State is helpers a lack of choice, such as fears of contagion grow with the coronavirus.

During the last presidential election, 56 percent of poll workers in the country 61 years or older, according to the U.S. election assistance Commission, and Florida officials say the workers, to fall in huge numbers.

In Florida, Pasco County, supervisor of elections Brian Corley told the Tampa Bay Times that he was “bleeding out” workers, which left 30 people due to fears of the coronavirus. Corley is now the question of the county sheriff ‘ s office for employees to fill the end of the blank and does not want to open DeSantis, the large, centralized voting Center, if you argue enough volunteers.


“You have to think of every possible scenario, what can you do and how you pivot,” said Corley.

On the opposite side of the state, elections officials in Palm Beach County in the last month, around 300 additional poll workers recruited in preparation for the concerns about the virus – a sensible move as 325 workers had been canceled, as of Tuesday.

In the vicinity of Broward County, more than 4,000 poll workers for a total of 577 districts at 421 locations, and the officials there say they are confident that they have enough people manning pull out the surveys, you will have to next Tuesday’s primary.


“We have recruited and fuses for far more volunteers than we need at this point in time,” Broward Supervisor of elections, Pete Antonacci, the Florida Sun-Sentinel said. “So far, we have not had any problems to ensure adequate staffing.”

Both counties and even the relocation of polling sites, away from nursing homes and supplementing the supplies of hand sanitizer, wet wipes, soap, alcohol, and paper towels at the sites.

The other States that vote next Tuesday are also take precautions to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus in the polling sites.

In Arizona, the 1.2 million seniors and more than 17 percent of the population of the state, polling sites are shifted away from nursing homes, churches, libraries, and American Legion headquarters. Arizona Secretary of state Katie Hobbs on Thursday announced that the state there will be curbside voting and encouraging people to vote early. The state will also be cleaning the area thoroughly every polling site in the course of the day.


“We welcome these additional provisions for specific voting locations,” Hobbs said in a statement. “We also want to remind voters, a plan for the participation in this election.”

The Democratic National Committee announced Thursday that it was moved on Sunday, the presidential debate from Arizona to Washington, DC, because there are concerns about the coronavirus.


The party had already announced that the debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders would be held, without a live audience. Now the situation is changing due to concerns about the cross-country trip.

In addition, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is no longer the discussion will be moderated, because he was near a person who is in direct contact with another Person who tested positive for the virus. The DNC, says Ramos, is symptomatic.

Ohio elections officials come to shift the polling sites, away from nursing homes and the curbside voting and encourage poll workers to feel sick, to avoid, to work.


“While we certainly do not want to participate volunteers, if you feel comfortable, we will work with our county boards to ensure a healthy voting environment,” Ohio Secretary of state Frank LaRose in the press conference, said.


In Illinois, elections officials in Chicago were mulling to impose a clause in the Illinois Constitution, that the elections were “free and equal” in the midst of arguments that the Corona-Virus outbreak, prevent “free and equal” election.

State law, however, does not explicitly allow that the elections be postponed, and the officials in the “Windy City” tells the Chicago Sun-Times, that there was “no chance” the city without delay to the election.

Similar to the other member States at the vote on Tuesday, Illinois, is also moving polling locations away from nursing homes and advising people to mail-in ballots whenever possible.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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