Corona virus quarantine: How to deal with social isolation during a pandemic

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The corona virus pandemic it has a lot of people are staying at home, and fewer social contacts.

We know to wash our hands, disinfect the surfaces and to the practice of the social distance towards the protection of our physical well-being during the current COVID-19-pre – crisis, but what about our mental health?

With work, school, government, church, sports, and special events that will have dramatic steps to slow down the corona virus to spread, their daily routines will be disrupted, and an increase in social isolation is an unfortunate reality for millions of people all over the country.

Whether you’re working from the kitchen table, or caring for a loved one during a pandemic, a clinical psychologist, Andrea, Graham, D. Ph., in an interview with Fox News, advises that a healthy way to deal with social isolation, and sticking to a routine during these unprecedented, challenging times.

She is an assistant professor in the Department of Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University in Illinois.


We know about the ways to ensure the protection of our physical well-being during the current COVID-19-pre – crisis, but what about our mental health?

FOX NEWS: What are good ways for people to have to deal with the security measures during the current outbreak?

Graham: to catch up with friends and family through messages, phone calls, and video chats are able to be useful for improving the quality of the music. If you are working remotely, connecting with colleagues via video conference, so that you can “see” each other instead of only communicating over the phone or by e-mail, can strengthen a feeling of belonging.

Recreational activities, such as listening to music, watching movies, and meditation can be helpful for maintaining a positive mood. The practice of deep breathing can be very useful if things start to feel overwhelming, and the fear creeps in.


FOX: What are some tips on how to stay well and stick to a routine during the self-quarantine, or for a longer period of time in the home?

Graham: It may be helpful to you to continue to eat healthfully and engage in physical activity, such as walking, and try to stay active, with a number of national training courses. It’s to keep me in a positive mood, it is very useful that you can be helped by talking to your family, friends, and family, and doing activities that you enjoy.

Walks and at home workouts can help to boost mood during the remainder of the periods of social isolation.

For the routine, it would be helpful to go to bed and wake up at regular times, and try to make a schedule and follow it throughout the whole day.

Tasks can also improve your mood, so now is a good time to do it at home project or starting a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try!!! And, of course, continue to wash your hands.

FOX said, From a medical perspective, as to why continued of insulation has an influence on our mood and mental health?

Graham: studies have shown that being social and having social support is a buffer against the effects of stress, and low mood, which means that the remaining connected to others, even when physically separated, may be useful.


Due to the ongoing outbreak, check out the Fox News’ of the guides for production work, where your kids can be healthy and get to stay at home.

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