Cornald Maas is optimistic about the draw O G3NE

Cornald Maas is optimistic about the draw O G3NE

Cornald Maas is optimistic about the draw of the Eurovision song contest. According to the songfestivalkenner it is not unfavorable that O G3NE in the second semi-final on 11 may.

O G3NE in the semi-final against Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Israel, Norway and San Marino. “It is a pity that Belgium in the first semi-final, because of our neighbours we always get so many points,” said Maas.

The countries where the Netherlands in terms of points not can count on are fortunate to be in the first semi-final, says the songfestivalkenner. “I’m talking about the countries that even The Common Linnets in 2014 no points for gifts, such as Georgia, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Albania. We now sit with many Western European countries in the semi-final and the Netherlands more points count. In terms of competition, we sit between the countries of the Netherlands and consider.”

Coffee grounds look

It’s nice that the Netherlands, for the first time in five years again in the second semi-final, Maas. “That is since Joan Franka in 2012 already happened.”

He calls it also a little bit of coffee grounds to look for the odds of O G3NE now to estimate. That they are third in the show on stage does not say much. “At Douwe Bob last year made something out of it, for his song Slow Down was later in the show to better advantage. But anyway, O G3NE must always be of the own strength. Their number should be good enough, in any position whatsoever.”

The most favorable starting position is, according to Maas at the end of a semi-final. “But even that offers no guarantee. The Toppers joined in 2009 as the last with Shine, but failed to make the finals.”

Cornald Maas is closely involved with the Dutch entry. According to him, is O G3NE now busy with perfecting the song that allows them to Kiev travel. At the beginning of march, the song is presented.

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