Corker calls on gov T shutdown made-up fight,” said Trump ‘a ride” can look like, how to fight it and win’

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Sen. Bob Corker took a shot at President Trump on Sunday in the midst of the ongoing partial government shutdown, accusing the President, in a “made-up fight,” and told the Americans, the emphasis on a “significant matter how to withdraw from Syria.”

Corker, R-Tenn., the outgoing junior legislator from Tennessee, has stepped up his criticism of the trombone since the announcement that he would not run for a third term and-in the last weeks of his term in office — Corker has blasted the President for the government shutdown and for his announcement, he withdrew the U.S. troops from the war-torn Syria.

“This is a fight, so the President can look like he fight and win,” Corker the shutdown on CNN’s “State of the Union said.” “This is the fight. I would say the Americans, to disable this and focus on one essential thing how to withdraw from Syria.”


Corker’s comments a whirlwind week for Trump, to suspect the seemed to come at the end, what equips will probably be a rocky two years earlier than the President for re-election.

“This is the tyranny of talk radio hosts,” Corker said earlier in the week when he skipped a White house meeting on Friday on the spending impasse. “You have two talk-radio hosts tipped to complete a President.”

In an attempt to shift the blame for the shutdown, Trump has engaged for tactics, by so many of his predecessors: the positioning regarded in contrast to the much less favorable to Congress. He vented in public and in private, failed in the legislature, to him, the border wall of money, even as they noticed that he registered, barely, to have an opinion on the legislation until the eleventh hour.

Trump’s withdrawal of American troops from Syria and its intended use in Afghanistan should come as no surprise that Republicans, who saw him, the promise of the move, during the campaign. Still, that doesn T lessen the sting.


Trump isolation of socialism, foreign policy broke with the decades, the mainstream thinking of the GOP, and the departure of defense Secretary James Mattis and U.S. envoy to the global coalition fighting the Islamic state proved that Trump are the instincts of the guiding principles of his administration.

“I think the President has felt, I have this now. I have this under control,” Corker said on Sunday. “I think we are in a very different time.”

He added: “I know what to say. I’ve done as much as I can as a senator. I have pointed out, problems…somehow or other, I hope that the President will make decisions that will not ultimately be devastating.”

It has been speculated that Corker could topple a mountain out of an election campaign, Trump in a Republican primary in 2020, but the outgoing senator has so far played his cards close to the chest.

“The Republican party was a party of fiscal conservatism and a party of free trade and the party’s leadership, the around the world. We are told in a slightly different place right now,” Corker. “But whether there is a primary for the thing advertises the power of these principles still make sense, I don’t know. I think that probably, if someone is running, then you should probably run, because you think that you can win and wants to be President. But don’t put me in this category, not yet.”


During his 12 years on Capitol Hill, Corker played a noteworthy role during the financial and automotive industry bailouts, and in the year 2015 was Chairman of the powerful foreign Affairs Committee.

As his last act was marked by run-ins with trump.

Their feud fried after the President said both sides were to blame for the deadly violence to a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Va., in August 2017. Corker said the trump card-comments “showed that he can demonstrate the ability, stability, even some of the competence he must prove in order to be successful.”

According to Corker announced that he would not run again in October 2017, he claimed that Trump turning the White house into a “adult day care center” was the setting for the U.S. “on the way to the third world war.” He is a foil of Trump on a number of topics: his rates, his reaction to the death of the writer Jamal Khashoggi the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, his final decision to withdraw troops from Syria, and more.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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