Cop who shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old boy was sworn in just 90 minutes, police sources say

Antwon Rose, 17, was shot and killed by a rookie cop just a few seconds after the flight from the traffic stop, late Tuesday, in the East of Pittsburgh, Pa


An East Pittsburgh police officer who killed an unarmed 17-year-old, while he tried to run away during a traffic stop was only sworn duty about 90 minutes before the shooting, according to reports.

The officer, who is in his 20’s and has not yet been named, was on duty in the East of Pittsburgh, Pa., but three weeks and has only been sworn in less than two hours before the incident, although he is an officer in the region for a period of seven years, according to KDKA-TV.

He was previously employed in Harmarville and the University of Pittsburgh Police Department.

He is placed on administrative leave per protocol while county police conducting an independent investigation.

Antwon Rose, 17, a Woodland Hills High School honours student, was shot three times on Tuesday, when he ran away after the officer stopped a car he was traveling in that is linked to a non-fatal drive-by shooting in a village a few kilometres away.

Leonard Hammonds II, of Penn Hills, right, points out that a Turtle Creek police officer has his hand on his weapon during a rally in the East of Pittsburgh, Pa., on Wednesday, June 20, 2018, at a protest related to the shooting of Antwon Rose by an East Pittsburgh police officer during a traffic stop the night before

(Steve Mellon/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via AP)

When the officer had the driver in handcuffs, pink, and an unknown third person fled. No one fired a weapon at the officer during the stop, and the 17-year-old boy was unarmed. He died in the hospital.

Rose’s death led to protests on Wednesday in East Pittsburgh community and another protest is planned for Thursday at noon in front of the Allegheny County courthouse. Video of the protest showed a police cruiser attempts to push through a crowd of angry protesters.

“From all accounts, he was a generous, hard-working and promising student,” his family’s lawyer, D. Lee Merritt, said in a statement.

“Affirmations of his generosity of spirit and genuine good-heartedness have started pouring in from all corners of the East Pittsburgh community where he lives.”


Merritt insisted that claims that the Rose was involved in the earlier recordings are substantiated.

A Police Cruiser attempts to push through the crowd like a rally shuts down Braddock Avenue, a day after an East Hills police officer shot and killed 17-year-old Antwon Rose, a Woodland Hills High School honors student during a traffic stop. @TribLIVE #AntwonRose

— Andrew Russell (@RussBurgh) 20 June 2018

“We know that he was not armed at the time he was shot, that he posed no immediate threat to anyone, and that it is very important that the driver of the vehicle that he occupied was released from the police.

He noted that the officer had the power of a few hours before the shooting.

“These facts, without more, leaves very little space to justify the use of deadly force by this officer,” he said. “More information about the background of the offending driver and the facts that, to him, at the time of the shooting is necessary if we are to determine the appropriate action in this matter.”


Allegheny County Police Inspector Coleman McDonough said on Wednesday that during the drive-by, the shooter fired nine .40 caliber rounds at the victim. The victim also responded to the fire.

#AntwonRose pittsburgh. Intersection taken. March is growing rapidly.

— Hud map Gillespie (@serial1337) 20 June 2018

Two firearms were also recovered from the vehicle stopped by the police.

He also noted that, under Pennsylvania law, there are circumstances that allow officers to use lethal force on a fleeing suspect. It is allowed to prevent serious injury or death to a public official or other person or, if the suspect has used or threatened violence or possesses a deadly weapon.

Chris Irvine is Senior News Editor at Fox News. His Twitter @chrisirvine86

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