Cop adopts dog rescued from California forest fires



Vacaville officer adopts dog rescued from Nelson Fire

California officer Carly Stone falls for the rescue of the dog.

It was two weeks ago at the SPCA called Vacaville, California, usa., the police assist in the evacuation of around 60 dogs and cats as the fast-moving Nelson Fire threatened the area.

Captured by their body cameras, Officer Carly Stone, and Officer Jennings, along with the animal control and the SPCA, quickly evacuated all of the animals within 12 minutes.

“We don’t have much time. That fire came down on that hill,” Stone recalled.

But in the midst of all the chaos, it was at a given time, Stone met a dog named Sean. She lifted him out of his cage and outside to the safety of her patrol vehicle.

Little did she know, Sean would be more than just a dog they saved.

“In the moment, I do not think that the Officer of Jennings and I, or one of the other people out there trying to get them out, animal services, animal SHELTER employees, I don’t think we were really thinking about things,” Stone told FOX40. “We knew that we had to go and we had to be quick.”

The SPCA called Vacaville police for assistance in the evacuation of approximately 60 dogs and cats as the fast-moving Nelson Fire threatened the area in California.

Once all the animals were safe, Stone put two large dogs in her back in her chair and Sean in the front then began the evacuation of the residents on Peabody Road.

“He kept trying to sit on my lap a lot,” Stone said. “I had to keep moving him to the other side.”

Then Stone described that fateful moment, she became addicted to the 2-year-old dog they described as an Ewok from Star Wars.

“I was looking for something on the computer. He came and he slightly stood on the centre console and in one of his small paws on my arm or on my hand and looked a little and wagged his tail. So I was like, ” You’re cute,'” Stone said.

So the next day, Stone and her wife went to the animal SHELTER to see Sean. The staff said he was brought in as a stray on the day before the fire. No one had claimed him.

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