Cooking with alcohol: “People mistakenly think that it is completely vaporized’

A lot of people think that all of the alcohol during preparation of a dish, it disappears, but that is not true. In food technology, Matthijs Dekker, explains how much of the alcohol remains in your food and how it comes about.

Mussels meat cooked in a beer cheese fondue with white wine, and tiramisu. The Alcohol is in a range of dishes as a flavouring ingredient used. Despite the fact that the alcohol evaporates, or it evaporates during the cooking, there is almost always alcohol.

“Alcohol has a lower boiling point than water, which evaporates at 78 degrees,” says Decker, in food technology at Wageningen University. “It does not mean, however, that all of the alcohol will cook out of the dish, it disappears.”

The amount of alcohol left depends not only on the way, but also in the way we prepare it and how heavy is the dish to cook. Dekker: “It’s hard to say exactly how much alcohol remains after one hour of cooking.”

If you can determine the amount of alcohol remaining in a dish is

A better method, if you get the exact alcohol content, would like to know, is, according to Dekker, to determine how much your dish has been boiled down. In other words, the amount of water that is evaporated.

From the experiments, it is, for example, have shown that when you cook with beer, 5% alcohol, and the evaporated moisture is about 30% alcohol content. It evaporates, so it is not just alcohol, but water.

Because it is a dish that is inkookt is becoming less and less alcohol, it is not a linear one. “Around 5 per cent of alcohol, to 0.1 per cent – ‘free’ – to-go, it should be a little less of the half of the liquid to evaporate,” says he. “In a wine with 13% alcohol, this is about the half of it.”

Even after hours of boiling, or stewing, can be a dish, have to contain alcohol.”
Matthijs Dekker), food technology

Wine and beer is not flammable

After singeing it contains a court that is still alcohol. “An alcoholic is lit only from an alcoholic strength of not more than 30 percent of the time. Wine and beer are, for example, is not flammable, however, the whiskey still,” explains Dekker out.

The fire, in the singeing, therefore, will extinguish when the alcohol content is below 30 percent. That does not mean that there will be no alcohol present.

This means that even after hours of stewing, or for short, singeing, a court will still have quite a bit of alcohol it contains. It is very different in each case, as it relates to the amount of the alcohol to evaporate. You may want to eat with the two of us cheese fondue, which recently has geprutteld, 150 ml of wine, you can still have a half a glass of wine on the inside.

The reason, therefore, for food, alcohol not to serve to children and pregnant women.

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