Cooking, Nicolette van Dam reached a depth record

It sounds Delicious, it’s a new cooking show by Nicolette van Dam, is a Tuesday night stuck on a 56.000 viewers. It’s an SBS program, which is being broadcast on the old time of 6: Inside, they have one of the new lower limit is reached.

The rating of Sounds as Tasty later in the evening, enhanced by the repetition, at midnight. There will be no changes 112.000 people. The transmission came out right after those four days, where 248.000 viewers with their on the closely coordinated.

It is best-viewed program on Tuesday, the Dutch national television News 18: 00 (1,37 million), closely followed by the NOS Journaal 20: 00 (1.35 million). The quiz program is The most clever Person came up with the 1.2 million viewers in third place.

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