Cooking for a large group: “A good preparation is essential’

A sumptuous christmas dinner with your family and friends can be a great challenge for any golfer. The Chef and the home cook, Ferry Wijsman explains to you how the dinner was carefully prepared, so that in the evening smooth and stress-free runs.

When you are on holidays for a large group of people who are going to cook, you probably already have weeks to think about it in the menu.

“No matter what you choose, it is very important for how the night will run smoothly,” says Wijsman. Choose particular meals that you have already – mostly – you can make it.”

Wijsman cook as freelancekok on an almost daily basis, for large groups of people. “If I had someone to go to cook, I am a during the day busy with the preparation of the so-called mise-en-place. At home, that’s really just the same thing.”

A good preparation makes for a stress-free evening, allowing you and your guests are able to dine. “It’s so much fun when you have friends or family members do the cooking.”

Tips for cooking for a large group

  • Choose meals that are important to you (for the most part), you can prepare for it.
  • Don’t: go up to a maximum of four courses instead of seven.
  • Be prepared for the day of the dinner, as much as possible.
  • Before the day of the dinner, a to-do list how much time each dish will lose. Add to this the production of the plates in the press.
  • Make sure that the (piles of) dishes, silverware, and glassware ready and waiting.

What is the day for the dinner in advance you can do it

Stewed pears, hare stew, or beef wellington, according to Wijsman food, which is a day ahead of time can make. “On the night itself, you just have to heat it up.”

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So, what can you do in a day before the dinner party. “Vegetables, such as onions and carrots, cut and in containers in the fridge,” says Wijsman. “Definitely mashed potatoes in a piping bag in the fridge. In the evening, you can have the mashed potatoes warm in a pan of hot water, and then on the board.”

Wijsman would be if the hobby chef will go for a three-or four-course meal. “Certainly not, seven,” he says. “It is better to have a couple of nice dishes that you have plenty of time to spend, then seven, of which the end result is not what you had expected.”

For twenty minutes, in between each course was perfect

With a three-course menu you’ll create, for example, as a starter, a main course and a dessert. The fourth course was a warm dish between starter and main course – a good option for you.

Fifteen to twenty minutes, in between each dish according to the chef, and the chef is perfect. “A half-hour to eat a way, you’re in for, you know, for a couple of hours at the table.”

“People of vision, often at the time of the preparation, and the preparation of the plates takes.”
The Ferry Wijsman, chef, and home cook

Before the day of the dinner, a list for yourself of what still needs to be done, and how you are doing. “People of vision, often at the time of the preparation and the drawing up of the boards will cost,” said Wijsman.

“By the time of trial, to cook for, you know, not only what the end result will be, but also the amount of time it takes for the dish to be prepared.”

With a proper mise-en-place includes – for each course – set up of piles) of dishes, cutlery and glassware. “Make sure you have enough dishes to have. The dishes in between, takes up too much time, and unnecessary stress. Rent the necessary utensils. If you are even a dirty hand.”

An example of a menu that includes g,he w el l-be for you to prepare

For starters, it would, according to Wijsman great start with a big platter of cheeses, meats and condiments. “As a board, you put it down, so you can spend more time to get the food ready,” he says.

A high (cream of soup) and hot side-dish is always good, says Wijsman. “And, not least, well in advance of all of you.”

Even the dessert, you can go ahead and prepare for it. Wijsman itself, was to ensure that the dessert is already almost ready, a wine glass in the refrigerator. “Have a chocolate, for instance. There is no need then to last only a crumble and a scoop of ice-cream.”

Finish the evening with a cup of tea or coffee, and when everyone is out the door, you can look back on a successful event.

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