Conway: The impeachment probe is incurable “flawed procedure” in spite of the vote

nearvideo Kelly Anne Conway on White House reaction to the house Democrats ” impeachment push

Advisor to the President, Kelly Anne Conway joins Chris Wallace on ” Fox News Sunday.’

Advisor to the President, Kelly Anne Conway claims that, despite Thursday’s house vote on the approval of the impeachment inquiry of President trump, the current process remains tainted, as it began.

Conway suggested interviews Democrats for the conduct of an investigation, which concluded without the support of both parties, and which began with weeks-to-door private.


“You can’t heal, what is a faulty process from the beginning,” Conway said on “Fox News Sunday,” adding, “The vote makes a difference, in regard to a faulty process is somehow open and transparent.”

Trump has been accused of supporting questions of the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in investigations of Democrats are ” alleged actions in the election in 2016, and the former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who was on the Board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

The impeachment investigation focused on a July 25 phone call between Trump and Zelensky, as well as the communication between US and Ukrainian officials, and after the call. Democrats accused Trump of using military aid as a means of pressure, the pressure in the Ukraine support for the investigations. Both Trump and Zelensky have denied that it put any pressure on Ukraine.

“You have not seen evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors,” Conway insisted, stating that this is why not a single GOP representative voted for the impeachment inquiry.

Conway also pointed to the lack of support in both parties for a contradiction of the statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in may 2018.

Pelosi then said that the question of confidence “would have to be cross-party, to go forward.”

“It is not said how Nancy Pelosi and promised,” said Conway.

Later in the program, Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., said the reason the Republicans was against it out of fear of the backlash from President Trump, and claims that a partisan sample was necessary because Trump abuse the “power” and “corruption here, which makes the Nixon impeachment look like a child.”


Host Chris Wallace brought President Trump against democratic subpoenas of current and former government officials. Now that the vote has taken place, Wallace asked Conway, to try if Trump stopped, to block, to give the witnesses testimony.

“The President has every right to exert executive privilege,” said Conway.

When asked specifically if Trump would say, to appear to the former National security adviser John Bolton, if he receives a subpoena, Conway said she was “sure the President has spoken-Ambassador Bolton.”

Himes said later, he believes that Bolton, who has reportedly been cited as a reference to Trump’s desire to help the Ukraine to investigate his political opponents as a “drug deal,” is already loaded, but the Democrats noted that he was not sure.

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