Consumers want insight into price differences treatments

Consumers want insight into price differences treatments

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The Consumers ‘ association is mobilizing patients on the basis of their ziekenhuisnota’s to get an insight on the price differences for the various treatments.

Tuesday launches the Consumer together with the Open State Foundation, a website where patients anonymously their ziekenhuisrekening deposit.

By using this detour data to collect, think the two organizations still kept secret ziekenhuisprijzen to reveal. Patients may include the name of the hospital, the behandeljaar, the health care provider, the negencijferige code of the treatment and the price lost.

According to the founders of the health insurance companies, hospitals and the Dutch healthcare authority (NZa) barely responded to requests for openness.

Piece of information

Consumers that their hospital bills parts, can eventually see the differences between the private hospital costs and the national average price of the same treatment.

Director Bart Combée of the Consumers ‘ association says that one insurer and a handful of hospitals willing to cooperate, but does not. “All consumers that a hospital had to have a piece of information in the hands where they other consumers could help.”

Free choice

Arjan El Fassed, executive director of Open State Foundation that digital transparency is pursuing, states that consumers “make an informed and free choice” must be able to make between healthcare providers or health insurers. “A lot of people have no idea what a medical treatment in a hospital, while the vast majority of the care reimbursed from collective resources.”

Open State Foundation is trying through an appeals procedure before the Council of State also transparency to enforce. That case is in the autumn treated.

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