Consumers ‘ association USA, go quality phone batteries keys

Consumers ‘ association USA, go quality phone batteries keys

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The American consumers with the telecom industry, the quality of batteries under the microscope.

The association reported Tuesday that the problems with the battery of the Galaxy Note 7 demonstrate that self-regulation of the industry in the field of safety is lacking. According to the institution, which evaluates the safety of products, the requirements for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones are reviewed.

The industry self-imposed quality standard for the first time in 2006 documented and has not changed since 2011.


“The consumer should never have the need to make or a rechargeable unit is a danger to himself, his family or his property,” said Elliot Kaye, the chairman of the American consumers ‘ association, in a statement.

The association will work together with Samsung and the telecom industry, working on updating the safety standards of lithium-ion batteries.

The Galaxy Note 7 was last year shortly after launch be withdrawn from the market, because of the chance of fire. The cause was the battery.


The Samsung Note 7, the errors in fire fly


Samsung decided as a result of the battery problems to the Galaxy Note 7 is completely taken out of production and all delivered copies to recall it. In the United States are now 97 percent of all Note 7 instances returned according to the consumer.

“The industry needs to at least learn from this experience and the safety for consumers to improve by taking precautions in the design and production of the batteries,” says Kaye.

Explanation: Problems around flammable Note 7

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