Consumer association denounces complicated terms and conditions of smart tvs

Consumer association denounces complicated terms and conditions of smart tvs


Many smart tv’s still have to inscrutable terms of service, says the Consumers ‘ association. Some tv’s are useless if the consumer does not agree.

The Consumers ‘ association investigated just as in 2014 the terms and conditions of the terms of five of the largest smart tv brands. Those conditions are, according to the bond is not very improved.

Philips and Sony got for their smart tvs to Google operating system, Android TV, and that is according to the Consumer a step back. Accepting the terms of use is that tv’s are necessary, who not only accepts the device can not use.

In the other three tv brands in the top five, LG, Panasonic and Samsung, are the terms of use or to reject. Those tv’s can simply receive stations, only the smart functions like apps are not available.

Long texts

The terms of use of Sony according to the Consumer the best deal, with a summary of two pages and seven pages with details. Philips offers 24 pages, and at both Philips and Sony that have ten pages of Android TV.

LG tightens the crown, with 17 pages of legal text, 51 pages, terms of use and 35 pages for the privacy policy, which accounts for more than a hundred pages. Samsung does this with about 90 pages right after, followed dor Panasonic with a total of 38 pages.

Viewing users

Although smart-tv’s the viewing habits of users can follow, this is in most cases no default. Only tv’s of Panasonic are the viewer by default according to the Consumer. Only the total rejection of the conditions stops the division.

At tvs from Philips, Samsung and LG is the tracking of viewing habits cleared by default. With tv’s from Sony can sharing gebruikslogbestanden be stopped, a separate option for viewing is not there.

According to the Consumers association, consumers are often unclear as to why smart tv’s viewing tracking, and what happens with that information.

Earlier this year, the Consumers ‘ association, after investigation, that the support of apps for smart tv’s must be longer, as long as the life of the tv.

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