Connection found between loneliness and sleep

Connection found between loneliness and sleep

Lonely people have a 24 percent greater chance of fatigue and loss of concentration.

That, say researchers from King’s College London.

During the research were 2.232 twins between eighteen and nineteen years old were examined. They had to answer four questions about friendship, exclusion, isolation and loneliness. Furthermore, their sleep measured and was analyzed how long it took to fall asleep. Also, the participants are asked to stability of sleep, and how they during the day functioned.

Loneliness is by the researchers described as an uncomfortable feeling that people experience when they feel that their social contacts are unavailable. This is different than social isolation, since people socially isolated, but not lonely, need to feel. Also, people can feel lonely while they are by a lot of people surrounded.

25 to 30 percent of the participants said sometimes to feel lonely, five percent said they are more likely to feel lonely. By the researchers was taken into account with symptoms of mental health problems such as depression or anxiety that often is associated with sleep problems and a lonely feeling.


According to the researchers, may have a restless sleep pattern in lonely people may be explained by a less secure feeling. Therefore, looked at the researchers or the participants in the past were exposed to crime, violent abuse by family members or colleagues. The link between loneliness and sleep was seventy percent higher in the people to violence were exposed.

According to researcher Timothy Matthews, the researchers have found that exposure to violence in the past, the association between loneliness and poor sleep amplifies. During sleep, people are in a state in which they do not on their own safety to be able to pay attention and therefore dare these people not to sleep.

“Lack of sleep is one of the reasons why someone is lonely will feel. Therefore, it is important that someone be on time seeking help for these negative thoughts to treat. Otherwise there is a chance that there is a vicious cycle,” said Professor Louise Arseneault. “Many young people studying and living on their own, which makes them feel lonely can feel. Therefore, it is important that they are on time get help with this lonely feeling to go.”

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