Congressional delegation travels to the Ukraine in the midst of the controversy over Trump call

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To weigh in on the former Baltimore state’s attorney Debbie Hines and Republican strategist Alex Vogel.

A congressional delegation travels to Ukraine this week to meet with military in the midst of the controversy over President Trump the July-phone call with Ukrainian President-although officials say the trip will be planned before the details of the tender were known, was originally thought to other issues.

Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif, said on Fox Business Network on Thursday that the trip relates primarily to the European reassurance Initiative, which invested billions in the support of the European allies, especially in Eastern Europe in response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine. Garamendi, the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Subcommittee on readiness.


“In the meantime, we have to draw the President’s $770 million euros from this programme, and these are critical infrastructure, so that our troops can actually engage, if necessary at all, in Eastern Europe, and of course we were going to do to the Ukraine thing, look at the military support we can give,” he said.

He said that the trip was planned four months ago, but noted that it’s tied up now “all in this charge is a Problem.”

He referred to the controversy surrounding the newly revealed phone call between Trump and President Vladimir Zelensky in July. The transcript of the interview suit, the claims to investigate that Trump under pressure Zelensky, former Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter was released this week after a whistle-blower.

The claim is escalating Democratic demands trump the charge, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Notice of a formal investigation this week. Democrats claim that the calls shows a quid pro quo, with trump expenditures for the military to keep in return for an investigation into a political opponent. The transcript, though, not to show Trump explicitly link the two. The money was finally delivered.



On CNN on Friday morning, Garamendi, said the delegation hopes to meet with political leaders in Kyiv, including the defense Minister, but said that “in light of all the disorder, it remains to be seen how exactly to do this.”


“The question is, there is the Ukraine is a key ally. The Ukraine was invaded by Russia. What all this means for Ukraine, how can we ensure that they receive the support they need in order to continue back to push against Russia and, ultimately, to be successful and push Russia out of Ukraine?”, he said.

However, Garamendi also said that he believed a quid pro quo was relayed, and not exclude, to speak to officials about the Biden affair. He has previously said he wants to “discussions in this matter and please inform yourself about the talks [Trump’s attorney] Rudy Giuliani and President Trump had with the Ukrainian leadership.” However, he told the delegation that she is “very very careful” about the topic ” travel in the Land.

“Once again, things are developing rapidly here, [and] what do the Ukrainian government and how he will react, what has to be a big political Problem for you, back in Kiev, remains to be seen,” he said on CNN. “And so we are very cautious on the political side of this.”

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