Congress will receive the extensive version of Mueller report in mid-april

The American minister of Justice, William Barr, will be in mid-april, an edited version of the Mueller report offered to the U.s. Congress.

It will go to a nearly four hundred-page report on the investigation of alleged Russian interference during the presidential elections of 2016.

From a summary of that report appeared last Sunday, that special prosecutor Robert Mueller had no indications found that the American president Donald Trump or his employees cooperated with Russia.

“Everyone can soon read,” writes Barr Friday in a letter addressed to the Democratic and Republican party leaders. Let Barr know that he is willing to on may 1 and 2 about the report to testify before committees in the Senate and the House of Representatives. In addition, he said, is not going to be to the report in the meantime to share with the White House.

The Democratic representative Jerry Nadler, chairman of the justitiecommissie of the House of Representatives, in response, immediately know that Barr the full report to make public, without editing.

Also Sunday, the Democrats are all for full disclosure of the report.

No evidence that Trump conspiring with Russia

From the report has shown that there is no evidence that Trump or his campaign team “samenzwoeren or coordinated” with Russia, although the Russian government, however, several attempts made this move, concludes the research, that almost for two years.

About the second big question is around the American president, or is he a crime has committed by trying the Ruslandonderzoek to hinder, Mueller in his report, knowingly make any statements.

The special prosecutor has that ability extensively investigated, but decided not to “traditional aanklagersoordeel” sheets. Mueller writes that “although this report does not conclude that the president a criminal offence has been committed, pleading him not free”.


What is the next step after completion of the Ruslandonderzoek?

Not enough land to Trump to sue

Barr and his under-secretary, and Rod Rosenstein looking at the facts that Mueller has collected. They conclude that there is not enough land to Trump to sue for obstruction of justice, writes Barr, who emphasized that this decision is separate from a controversial justitierichtlijn which states that a sitting president can never be prosecuted.

The Ruslandonderzoek lasted 22 months and cost approximately 25 million dollars (22 million euros). Mueller continued or struck settlements with 37 individuals and three (Russian) companies. Several of these cases are still under the judge.

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