Congress panels promise a thorough probe into Comey fire

Members of key congressional committees have promised to go on Sunday, the interference in the US election, and any connection with the trump campaign, with aggressive investigation in Russia said the American people need a full airing of why the former FBI Director, James Comey has been kicked out.

Comey was fired by President Donald Trump earlier this month. The former Director agreed to testify before the Senate intelligence committee, after the Memorial Day holiday.

Republican sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a member of the Committee, said he wants to press Comey on whether he ever believed the White house was reported, with his work in the light of the flood of news that Comey had kept detailed records about his interactions with trump

The New York Times reported last week on a Comey memo-display-Trump had urged him to drop the investigation of former national security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Separately, another Times report said Trump had said, the Russian government in a closed-door meeting in the Oval Office, burning Comey “had freed the great pressure on him.”

“He has these notes? What are the memos about? And why did he write it? And how he felt? He has ever felt, he was in a position where he could not do his job?” Rubio asked. “There is no doubt that the questions we get asked, and asked repeatedly.”


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