Congo sends EU ambassador road due to extension of European sanctions

Congo, EU ambassador Bart Ouvry shown. That’s what happens in a reaction to the extension of the Brussels sanctions against fourteen of the Congolese because of a violation of the human rights.

The Congolese ministry of Foreign Affairs made Thursday announced that the Belgian diplomat within 48 hours of the country.

The EU introduced the sanctions against, among others, (ex-)ministers of president Joseph Kabila two years ago because of the obstruction of the electoral process and human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Earlier this month, the sanctions extended.

It is this week, restless in the Congo. In the town of Beni, some people to the streets to demonstrate against the decision to the residents of the city to exclude from the presidential elections of next Sunday.

Election commission excludes towns from

The election commission made Wednesday in the cities of Beni and Butembo because of an ebola outbreak and violence of armed groups, the election can not proceed. In these cities, it is the opposition of departing president Joseph Kabila popular.

According to local politicians the decision was taken to candidate Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary to help. He is the candidate who is preferred by the current president enjoys.

Kabila since the death of his father in 2001 the president of the Congo. The election to replace him would initially take place in 2016, but several times postponed. This led to violent demonstrations in which dozens of people were killed. In the turmoil have armed groups in border areas, jumped at the chance to become stronger.

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