Confrontation between protesters and police for the G20 summit in Hamburg

Confrontation between protesters and police for the G20 summit in Hamburg

Photo: AFP

Protesters clashed Thursday on the eve of the G20 summit in Hamburg with the police. It were 76 police officers injured. According to the organizers of the protest, there were ten to twenty arrests have been made.

Immediately after the march was finished vomiting in different parts of the Hamburg riots. Black-clad protesters were stopped by the police, as their faces were covered. That was not allowed. In response, threw the demonstrators with water bottles and stones, which the police water cannons at its disposal.

Five police officers had to be treated in the hospital. At least 76 policemen were slightly wounded, made the authorities Friday morning known. Left-wing organizations to speak on social media about more than a hundred injured protesters, but that has not been officially confirmed.

Two pilots of a police helicopter were injured, after a laser in their eyes had shone, which they no longer could fly.

The organizers of the protest report that there are between ten and twenty protestors are arrested. According to the police, there were at the beginning of the night at various places in the city, vandalism and arson, but it was after midnight gradually quieter in the city.


At the peak of the demonstration, the police, about eight thousand violent protesters. That number is exactly what was expected.

The protesters, mostly anti-capitalists protested during a so-called ‘Welcome to Hell-demonstration. The demonstration was aimed at world leaders, who are guests at the G20 summit. In total are 20,000 agents on the streets in the Northern German city of

According to the autoritenten cast of masked demonstrators in the districts of St. Pauli and Altona in some places blockages in the streets, some in a fire were stabbed. A group of about two hundred demonstrators destroyed cars. One car caught fire. Also, were the vehicles of the emergency services destroyed.

The organizers of the protest accuse the police of disproportionate action. According to them, the police already before the protesters got the chance to work their gezichtsbedekking to do.


The police called for protestors on Twitter to go home. Previously circulated a warning to not be masked in the street. “Peaceful protest looks different”, said the police. “We ask that all peaceful protesters a good distance to take down the masked people.”


Police Hamburg put water cannons against protesters


A bus with about thirty Dutch activists who was on his way to Hamburg, has hours vastgestaan at the border crossing at The Centre of the A1. The activists may say that Germany not because a number of them known to the Dutch police.

According to one of the campaigners, the bus and personal belongings searched. There is nothing found. The German police have the passports taken; who were the activists when they are under police escort travelled back to the Netherlands. Germany has stricter border controls introduced for the G20 summit.

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The German chancellor Angela Merkel has prior to the summit Thursday with the Us president, Donald Trump voice. The conversation was among other things about North Korea, the Middle East and Ukraine.


The annual G20 summit is Friday and Saturday in Hamburg. This ‘G20’ consists of nineteen countries and the European Union, selected on the leading economies and the political heavyweights around the world.

The netherlands is this year invited by Germany, and is represented by prime-minister Mark Rutte, minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem and Bert Koenders (Foreign Affairs).

Demonstration on eve G20 in Hamburg

According to the Hamburg police agents in various parts of the city was attacked and is on multiple spots of damage.

The police protesters called for home.

The organization of the protest march, the demonstration shut down, after the riots came.

Riot police spray water cannons on the protesters.

A protester, it does not seem very much to find that she is natgespoten.

A protester shouts at riot police as another protester is arrested.

The wounded are cared for by medical staff.

Black-clad demonstrators and riot police were Thursday night in opposition to each other.

The protesters, mostly anti-capitalists, protesting during a so-called ‘Welcome to Hell-demonstration.

Protesters as the march has just started, held up by hundreds of agents.

The black costumed protesters with water bottles to the police thrown in, then water cannons at its disposal.

The demonstration is directed against the leaders who are guests at the G20 summit. In total are 20,000 agents on the leg.

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