Conflicting reports over truce Israel and Hamas

Israel and Hamas would be Monday, after Egyptian mediation, have agreed to a ceasefire, reported Palestinian officials to Reuters. From the Israeli side, is denied.

Despite the message of the Palestinian side, were there less than an hour later, just before ten o’clock, again raketalarmen in the south of Israel. It is not yet clear whether there are indeed new projectiles are fired and or damage caused.

An anonymous official said to the Israeli Defense Forces Radio that the news about a ceasefire is not correct.

An official statement by the Israeli government is still not there. That’s not unusual: that usually does not make statements about cease-fires.

Israel introduced Monday night air strikes on targets in the Gaza strip. The Israelis would, inter alia, the office of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh have bothered, though he was probably not present.

The local authorities report that five people were injured in the Palestinian coastal area.


Israel carries out airstrikes on Gaza strip

Israeli attacks in response to raketbeschieting

The Israeli attacks were designed to an earlier raketbeschieting to repay. There were seven people injured when the projectile hit near the city of Tel Aviv. Also Monday night, there were more rockets fired at the Israeli city. It were not known to have any people injured.

Israel holds Hamas, the dominant organization in the Gaza strip, responsible for the shelling.

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