Condemned by president Desi Bouterse arrived in Suriname in the

On the Friday of up to twenty years in prison, sentenced by president Desi Bouterse on Sunday morning at 6: 00 am pacific time and landed in the country. Bouterse’s return to China, where he was, at the time of the sentencing on the state it was.

Bouterse gave it up after his arrival, a press conference, at which he was the first to respond to the sentence, by the way, as a “tik-tak political game.”

“It’s like the game is being played, as long as we all within the law, and the law will be. It is a political game that is so overtly played out, so it was obvious what was going to come,” said Bouterse, who was a “political answer” to the question, for me.

Around 1,500 supporters, the president has already sung and the flags are received. The National Democratic y (NDP of Bouterse called on his supporters to do so, and put on seventy of the buses to take them to the airport and to the ship.

Friday afternoon began with the Suriname court martial, unexpectedly, with the reading of the verdicts in the trial surrounding the December murders. As the court martial considers intentional and pre-meditated by the current Surinamese president at the time, the leader of the military junta, tried and tested, and sentenced him to twenty years in prison. The board claimed that there is no immediate arrest.

Bouterse is going to be against the ruling to a higher court. Suriname’s president has been implicated to be denied. It was only after a conviction is on appeal, it will inform the cell that is in need.

Executive vice president, Ashwin Adhin, said Friday that the conviction of that Bouterse could not result in his capture. Bouterse and his supporters are still plenty of legal means to have the conviction to fight for it, and suggested Adhin, according to Suriname news website value for money. The use of all the means of redress may be the case for years to let them stumble. In addition, it would be Adhin, as vice-president, the head of state of grace can be granted.

#Bouterse is back in #Suriname! With 1,000 followers, and have him received. I kept in advance account with a minimum of 10,000, so that, for him, a couple coming Later today in his press conference. See:

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Murder and torture by the military junta

During the December murders in 1982, fifteen opponents of the Surinamese military regime were tortured and executed at Fort Zeelandia, the headquarters of Bouterse. As the most powerful man in the army, played Bouterse plays a major role in this, according to the court martial.

The process for the December murders has been running since 2007. Bouterse know in the case of any period of time, to slow down an amnesty law in 2012 was passed by the Suriname parliament. In 2016, the law, the court is put out of operation, and the process could be repeated.

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