Computer Google with retirement after defeat Go-champion

Computer Google with retirement after defeat Go-champion

Photo: Google

AlphaGo, the algorithm of Google that the strategic board game Go to play, it quits. The computer defeated the best players in the world.

Google’s algorithm won over the past week, a series of three competitions of the Chinese world champion Ke Jie.

AlphaGo going to retire now, because the highest is achieved. The team of Googles DeepMind, that the Go-to computer developed, is of plan other algorithms. That need scientists help to develop drugs for diseases.

Before AlphaGo completely stops, write the creators still one report to explain how artificial intelligence is the matches against Ke Jie could win.


That AlphaGo the human champion defeated, is an important step for artificial intelligence. Go is a very complicated board game. It was always thought that the decades would pass before the world champion by a computer, reports could be.

Won last year AlphaGo also all of a Go master. Of five pots, he managed the Korean Lee Sedol at one time to win. After the end of that regatta dawned Ke AlphaGo.

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