Composer Yann Tiersen has regret of making the soundtrack of Amélie

Despite the global recognition for the songs he made for the film Le Fabuleux Destin d’amélie Poulain, Yann Tiersen regret that he has worked on the project. “If I could do, I had no said,” says the composer.

Tiersen is disappointed that he and his music inextricably linked to the film, he tells a Thursday interview with The Independent.

The music fits, in its opinion, not in the French character of the film. “The use of the accordion, for example. That feels to me more Celtic than French, and has nothing with the film. After the movie, I even have a time, no accordion played, because I no longer liked.”

The composer believes that the creation of a soundtrack from the maker himself. “Directors want the soundtracks send, that does not work, I think.”

Tiersen could therefore not be found in the film. “There is far too much money,” he says. “Making soundtracks is really a business and I don’t like that.”

The soundtrack of the romantic movie came out in 2001. The music won the 2001 World Soundtrack Award for Best Original Soundtrack of the Year, and in 2002 a César Award for best film music.

Two years later, Tiersen, yet the accompanying music of the German comedy Goodbye Lenin!. He returns on 9 march a concert in 013 in Tilburg.


Watch the trailer of the French culthit Amélie

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