Commission proposes a number of deaths of crushing protests in Khartoum on

The death toll from the protests in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, on Monday, June 3, through an independent commission of inquiry had been revised to 87. The authorities talked to at the time, with 61 deaths.

The members of the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attacked suddenly on activists at the headquarters of the armed forces. The unit is made up mainly of former members of the Janjaweed, militias that the Sudanese government is fighting the war in the Darfur region, and in addition, many human rights violations committed.

The who’s carried out all of the weeks of action in order to enforce that the military power would transfer to the public and are held on Monday a sit-in. The protest movement says that, on that day, more than a hundred deaths, medical practitioners are on the side of the opposition, speaking from the 127 deaths and more than four hundred were wounded. Dozens of women were in during the attack is gang-raped.

Fath al-Rahman Saeed, head of the investigative committee, which is appointed by the public prosecutor’s office, said that the members of the security forces targeted the demonstrators in Khartoum fired. According to Saeed became to 168 people were injured, of whom 48 points were lost.

Eight army officers may be arraigned for crimes against humanity. Their names have not been announced.

According to Saeed, was in the RSF received an order for a different area of the city to be evacuated. “Some of the bad guys took advantage of this event, and were in what was known as the territory of Colombia, where the negative and illegal activities that were taking place.”

Military and civilians have agreed to

The military junta, the Sudan’s president, Omar Al Bashir, in march of this year off, has reached an agreement with the burgerdemonstranten. A technocratic government of the day to day running of the country as a whole, served as a military executive and a burgerraad top of him. Finally, there must be free elections to come.

An independent investigation into the violence in Khartoum was established as part of the deal. That does not refer to the investigation by the present committee of inquiry.

Experts and Sudanese activists are still concerned about general Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, the deputy head of the military council, which looks set to make a career as a politician. Dagalo, which is known by the nickname ‘Hemeti’, and is a former confidant of Bashir. He has led the Janjaweed, during the war in Darfur, and at the head of the RSF.

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