‘Comey will testify that Trump asked him to research to stop’

‘Comey will testify that Trump asked him to research to stop’

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Former FBI director James Comey is going under oath to testify that president Donald Trump wanted him to force the research into the tyres of his team with Russia to stop.

That informs CNN on the basis of a well established resource in the area of the research.

Comey was earlier this month abruptly by Trump fired because he would function as head of the FBI. The inlichtingencommissie of the Us Senate reported last week know that Comey testimony is going to take on the issue.

It is not yet duideijk when Comey will testify, though it will very soon. The Senate committee hopes that Comey “illumination can give to the American people about the stories surrounding his dismissal, which over the past weeks, the round did in the media”.

Also worthy of Comey, according to the commission “an opportunity to tell his story” about the alleged interference of the Russians in the elections.

Ties with Russia

Donald Trump fired Comey on 9 may on the standing foot. Officially he did this because of the way he is delivering the research to the private server of the former minister of Foreign Affairs Hillary Clinton. However, it seems more and more that Comey the field had to clean up because he was with his research into the ties of camp-Trump with Russia to close Trump had come.

The resignation would Trump Comey also have asked for the research to Trumps former national security advisor Michael Flynn to stop. Comey stated on this call, a memo, that may shows that the president was dealing with the investigation of the FBI and Justice into alleged contact between members of the Trump campaign and Russia in the run-up to the elections.

The judicial commission and the inlichtingencommissie have all the memos of Comey requested from the security service.

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The investigation of the FBI to the tires of the team of Trump with Russia now continues with former FBI director Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor, as was Wednesday, known. The Washington Post revealed Friday that a top advisor within the White House is the subject of research.

Meanwhile, investigations lawyers from the White House that Trump is waiting for when it possibly comes to an impeachment procedure. Report that two sources from the White House to CNN.

For an impeachment must first be voted in the House of Representatives and, if the half is, there must be in the Senate a two-thirds majority for drop off.

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Lowest rating

Less and less Americans give their approval to the policies of their president. From a Friday to the published poll from Reuters/Ipsos shows that only 38 percent of respondents the political course of Trump support. 56 percent approve the policy.

It is the lowest ‘ rating for the president since he is in January of this year, in taipei, taiwan. Never before had an American president so soon after his arrival all such bad ratings.

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