Comey, called ” grilling amnesiac with incredible hubris,’ back on the Hill for the new round

in the vicinityVideoOusted FBI Director Comey faces round two of the survey

The former FBI-Director James Comey is on the hill for an encore, after the controversial appearance more than a week, he said, the legislature, the search for answers to the FBI’s handling of the Trump-Russia agreement sample a version of “I don’t know” at least 245 times.

The Dec. 7 session before two house committees, on the left of the lame duck Republican legislature Smoking as Comey said repeatedly, “I don’t remember”, “I know” and “I can’t remember”, when grilled about investigations of Republicans aimed at hurting President Trump. The survey revealed the FBI probe of state Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail server, and as a counter-intelligence investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential elections, turned into an all-encompassing sample of the trump card of the inner circle, including the procurement of the FISA warrants are used to spy on American citizens.

“Comey just thinks he’s always right, and … it doesn’t matter if all the others he has done wrong,” a furious Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S. C., of the House Judiciary Committee, said after the first session. “He knows better. So, this is how it is, interview amnesiac with incredible hubris.”

“Comey just thinks he’s always right, and … it doesn’t matter if all the other, he concludes, has done wrong.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S. C.

A copy of the marathon interview, published on Dec. 8, demonstrate in black and white, the laid-off FBI chief’s ” lack of responsiveness and the tension between the former Republican, and GOP legislators. Days later, Comey with a lecture in New York, in which he called the trump presidency, “an attack on our values”, and asked the Americans to “get off the couch” and vote trump out of the White house in the year 2020.

Comey also raised eyebrows when he told MSNBC a week ago that he broke Protocol to send FBI agents to interview the President of Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn in the year 2017. The new details about those fate — which led to criminal charges against Flynn interview liable — are sure to come up in Monday’s interview. The judge dealing with the Flynn’s confession has raised new questions about how the affair was handled.

Asked to describe how two FBI agents ended up in the White house to interview Flynn in January 2017, Comey, in an interview with MSNBC ‘ s Wallace Nicolle during a forum discussion on Sunday, said flatly: “I have sent them.”

Comey went on to confirm that the way the interview was set up – not by the White house counsel’s office, but directly with the Flynn – was a common practice. He called it “something I wouldn’t have done probably, or maybe the way to get more … organized the administration.”

During the interrogation, said the beginning of this month, Comey, the FBI counterintelligence investigation of possible connections between the trump campaign, Russia initially focused on four Americans, and whether you were with the Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential elections. Comey is not the Americans identify, but said President Trump, the Republican candidate, was among them.

Comey wich questions in connection with the current Müller-led probe, including the question of whether it constituted 2017 burning of Trump obstruction of justice.

The Republican-led Committee, asked Comey in the context of his investigation into the FBI actions in the year 2016, a year as the office — in the heat of the campaign for the presidential elections — recommended against charges for Clinton and opened an investigation into the Russian interference in the election.

Comey agreed on Monday, the follow-up appearance before the House Judiciary and oversight bodies. The panels are chaired by Republicans to the new Congress, Democrats take on the time to take house chairs and are expected to ramp up to Congress-investigation of trump.

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