Comedian Soundos El Ahmadi in Expedition Robinson

Comedian Soundos El Ahmadi in Expedition Robinson

Photo: RTL

Comedian Soundos El Ahmadi (35) is one of the participants in the new season of Expedition Robinson. “I was afraid my humor to get rid of,” she says against

“Because if I my sense of humor loss, I touch my relativeringsvermogen lost.”

During her participation in the new season of Expedition Robinson, that from 7 september, on RTL5 to see, hit the comedienne and her humor definitely has a few times lost, “but fortunately not very often.”

El Ahmadi had more trouble to the loss of her baby (2) during the survivalprogramma to suppress. “I woke in the morning and thought that I was home. I was expecting my husband and my child in the neighborhood, but you’re just on a deserted island. That is so hard.”


The programme makers asked El Ahmadi already three times before, but getting zero sleep. This time they capitulated.

“My parents are, for economic reasons, come to the Netherlands, I found it difficult, therefore, to intentionally go hungry. But now I wanted to be excited to participate, because I have a lot of fears I have. I am claustrophobic and afraid of spiders. But I don’t want to be anxious mother. I used the program not as therapy, but wanted to find out if I myself too often underestimated. Now, if I take a spin, see I grab him still, but I’m also not more directly to scream.”


Survive on an island with little food and drink is a big challenge, a camera crew that you have to constantly follow makes it even more difficult. To meet this challenge successfully, decided El Ahmadi is no different than she is.

“I am from the beginning myself, otherwise you will not full. You should not be too much on the camera pay attention, that is just. You look vulnerable. You wear a bikini, you have pimples on your face, but let it go. That is totally not important.”


Soundos since 2007 has been one of the comedians of Comedytrain. In 2016, she was known nationally for her performances as huiscomedian of The World Runs By. Also, she was in the past, the losing finalist in the eleventh season of Wie is de mol? and did El Ahmadi participate in the program, Reuben and the idiots.

In total, this year’s fifteen CELEBRITIES and four unknown candidates participated in Expedition Robinson. Previously it was already revealed that, among others, a musical star Carolina Dijkhuizen, presenter Marieke Elsinga and former national football player, Anouk Hoogendijk for a period of time spent on an uninhabited island in the Philippines.

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