Comedian Leon van der Zanden want more soft men see

Comedian Leon van der Zanden want more soft men see

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Comedian Leon van der Zanden feels that men in the current society still struggling with their soft side. “When I go to the covers of magazines look, I am often disappointed.”

“If there is a soft side is shown, it is often exaggerated. The other extreme is the tough men in suits,” says the New comedian on Tuesday in conversation with

Van der Zanden sees a positive development, and particularly on television. “Just look at the Olympics: there is more room for emotion. Studio Sport is now more and more compilations with pictures of emotional athletes. I think that’s really beautiful!”

On 19 september the DVD of his show Supergewoon in the shops, in which he, among other things, about his own struggle with his gevoelskant. “You see nowhere still men who are each other’s hand to hold and say that they are uncertain.”

“As a father, I am also looking for ways to be a male adult example. Sometimes catch myself sometimes on little boys-like feelings and behavior. But everyone has, right?”


Van der Zanden mentions an example. “That you’re sick. If man is equal to almost death. It’s really weird that there is still no tea for us, while we finally have our feelings show.”

Also on the DVD is a registration of the Zandens free show for laid-off employees of the bankrupt department store V&D. “It was not my own initiative, but someone from the store itself. I am agreed, because there were within a day all 1,400 people who indicated that they the show wanted to attend.”

The act gave the comedian a lot of attention. “And it wasn’t even a marketing trick, otherwise I really addressed differently,” he says, laughing. “I think that the success of the show was; it was impulsive. It was a gift for that ex-employees. That is the best thing you can have as a comedian, because no one believed that he or she is fifteen euro for you has laid down.”

Ziggo Dome

of the reason that tends to Van der Zanden, don’t be so quick to a show à la Gabbers in the Ziggo Dome, where thousands of people occur attended. “Look, I would not be saying “no”, but the intimacy in that kind of halls often seems to be far away. I have Hans Teeuwen seen in the Heineken Music Hall, but there I felt that I was really a spectator in a giant movie theater, and me not truly involved in something as unique as a live performance. There is then less contact is palpable.”

“In the hall of the V&D employees I had that very, very well. In terms of experience is that which you seek.”

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