‘Combination of medications popular for asthma and COPD’

‘Combination of medications popular for asthma and COPD’

The combination of inhaled corticosteroids and bronchodilators, two drugs used in the treatment against diseases like asthma and COPD, are very popular. This despite the fact that the guidelines have a step-by-step approach to prescribing.

Doctors prescribe this combination to 38 percent of the adult patients with asthma and 39 percent of the patients with COPD.

“At 8 percent of the newly diagnosed patients, this combination the first prescribed step after the diagnosis, even for short-acting bronchodilators”, it is to be read in a study from the Institute for Responsible medicine use and the NIVEL in command of Zorginstituut the Netherlands.

The research is based on data from more than five hundred practitioners, interviews with general practitioners, praktijkondersteuners and praktijkverpleegkundigen and records and literature search.


General practitioners indicate the severity of the complaints as a reason to both medicines. The directives, however, a step-by-step treatment for. Of the patients with COPD used almost half a inhalatiecorticosteroïd. This means the number of asthma attacks lessen, but have as a disadvantage that they the risk of pneumonia to increase. Therefore, they are in the guidelines less often advised.

The study also found that for many patients, the treatment with the medicines for asthma or COPD discontinue. In the first year stops 28 percent of users with the resources in the year then came to that 39 percent.

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