‘Combination heavy diet and strength training is not dangerous’

‘Combination heavy diet and strength training is not dangerous’

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Women who have a heavy diet and at the same time, also an active form of strength training exercise, run no extra risk of lasting health problems.

Research shows that is held by the university of Jyväskylä in Finland, published in Frontiers in Physiology.

The women who are on a professional level to strength training, aim to get a body with a low body fat percentage but high muscle mass. To achieve this, they must train intensively but at the same time also on a strict diet to follow. This is followed by a recovery period in which the contest participants once again ‘normal’ food.

For the study, 50 women investigated, in which there are 27 on diet were for the benefit of a future race. The data of the other 23 women were used as a reference. The women followed this strict diet for four months.

Fat mass

The contest participants consumed during their dieetperiode significantly less carbohydrates and ate more protein-rich products. Thus they let their fat mass by 35 to 50 percent shrink.

The hormonal system changed a lot during this period, which also showed their menstruation that is irregular. After the period in which the women normally ate, restoring the hormone levels again.

The study revealed that the hormonal changes that take place through the diet again within three to four months to recover. It is, however, essential that they after a few months a normal amount of energy intake.

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