Colorado officials are calling for investigation after the officer detected a faint, ‘drunk’ at the wheel of his patrol car: report

to connectVideoColorado officials call for investigation, when the police officer is found to be passed on to the steering wheel of his patrol car

Colorado officials to call for an independent investigation of the Aurora police officer is found to be passed on to the steering wheel of his patrol car. The officers on the scene report smelling of alcohol, and to describe the potential of poisoning the body cam footage reveals.

Officials in Colorado, calling for an independent review of a police department’s handling of the case of driving under the influence of one of their own, after newly released images from the bodycam turned out to be an officer’s description of the man and found himself behind the steering wheel “is a bit of a rush.”

The officer, Nathan, City of Aurora Police department, was found passed in his patrol car on the 29th of March, after a woman called 911 around 3:30 p.m. to the report of a police officer that it was “unacceptable”, in an unmarked police car stopped in the middle of the road, FOX31 reported.


Police bodycam footage, obtained by the Fox affiliate in Denver, shows the City, who was on duty, sat down in the passenger seat, as my fellow-officers are working to remove a coat, jacket, vest, belt, and weapon. The broken window on the front passenger seat, showed us where the firemen were trying to reach the City.

An officer can be heard to describe City as “a little drunk”, and while a number of police reports is obtained by FOX31 reveals that the officers at the scene detected a faint odor of alcohol.

City has never been under investigation for a possible DUI, but was demoted after an internal investigation, in which he has submitted to blood alcohol samples.

In an e-mail obtained by the Denver Post, the chief of police, Nick Metz, which has doubled down on its decision to address the recent reports.


“I just want you to know that I unequivocally stand by my decision with respect to the relevant officer because I care about the person, which will be performed by and be the property of his incredibly poor judgment … and continues to encourage their own,” he wrote.

On Monday, at the Aurora city council study session, City Manager Jim Twombly has announced that the city has been appealed to the former united states Attorney John Walsh and investigation by the department for the processing of the City and the event.

George Braucher, of the 18th judicial District attorney, told FOX31 that he will have to look for new evidence in order to determine whether the department showed favoritism, but it is to make out a case against the officer, could be difficult, he added.

“How do I gain access to the blood? Just because a hospital is increased, it does not mean that I am able to walk in and say, ‘Hey, I want that sample of the blood you have,” he said.


“We have reached out to the Aurora Police Department. They have been very cooperative and forthcoming in providing us with the information that they had generated on the basis of their relationship with the public prosecutor and Deputy.”

The police department said in a statement on Facebook that there is not enough evidence at the scene, in order to give the Bar had been drunk.

“Some of the officers who had first arrived on the scene, had been in contact with the Ofc. Smith, and smelled a very faint odor of possible alcohol on his breath. The smell did not linger and was not the dominant one. There was no evidence in the vehicle indicating it had a problem with alcohol. The incident was being treated as an urgent situation-until there is more data to be collected.”

The statement went on to say that a DUI case was not prosecuted because of a “failure-to the exclusion of any medical condition, among other reasons, and an internal investigation has been launched.

During the process Ofc. Incidents, voluntarily shared his medical records, which indicated that the level of alcohol consumption. On the basis of HIPAA, and this was information that he didn’t have to leave it to the department. During his Internal Affairs interview, Ofc. Smith immediately admitted to his actions and the poor choices he has made, and is the co-operative in the whole process.”

City were relegated in addition to being placed on unpaid suspension at the time of the survey. The police said that he was also subject to a financial impact of more than $20,000.

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