Colorado house panel kills bill that mandate medical care for babies born alive after abortions

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Raw video: Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz questions a witness in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on ‘The infant Patient: ensure Adequate Medical care for children Born Alive.’

The Colorado legislature, a bill that would allow legal protection for babies born alive after abortions, yet another state-level flare-up over the hot-button issue have rejected.

House Bill 1068 threatened $100,000 fines for doctors who do not keep to “exercise the same degree of skill, care and diligence, the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious doctor would do to any other child born alive at the same gestational age.” It is also required that all born-alive, brought the child immediately to a hospital.

“Colorado legislative hearings to show late-term abortion, such as extreme and entrenched, the pro-abortion lobby, Katie Glenn, attorney, Americans United for Life, has become,” said Fox News.

Both, bill and a 22-week ban on abortions lines in the house state, veterans and Military Affairs Committee were rejected along party on Tuesday, Colorado policy reported. Several pro-choice activists spoke against the bill on Tuesday, but some argue it was doomed to fail from the beginning.

“Here in the Capitol, the get these bills never get a fair hearing,” house Republican leader Patrick Neville of Colorado policy said. “You are directly to the kill Committee. You are to be killed orders, the kill Committee. The only way we will get a fair hearing with the public at the ballot box.”


Glenn, the hearing testified on Tuesday, argues that the Colorado legislation, where necessary, protection for children not born, covered in the facilities of the Federal Born Alive Infant Protection Act. According to Glenn, that the bill only applied to hospitals operated or funded by the Federal government, whereas the state legislation would even go beyond them.

“Specifically, the law provides for a doctor-patient relationship between the child who survived an abortion attempt, and the doctor who tries to have an abortion,” said Glenn in the testimony.

State Rep., Chris Kennedy, D-Lakewood, was concerned that the law, which makes non-compliance a crime, would ultimately abortion, restrict access in the state. “I think, to create the effect of this law, a new crime for this type of action would have the effect of limiting access to abortion in this state,” he said.


During the Colorado state legislature is currently dominated by Democrats, pro-life advocates, could be pre-rejected one of the measures at the ballot box. Activists are currently fighting to get a 22-week abortion ban on the ballot.

Tuesday, the trial took place as the Senate judiciary Committee convened a hearing focused on the Born-to-prohibit-Alive abortion Survivors Protection Act, which aims to provide medical professionals to take appropriate care when a baby survived an abortion. The opponents of the bill believe that it is not families are taken into account specific circumstances. On Wednesday, a house Committee of legislation adopted, would take precedence over state regulations on abortion.


President Trump, who has repeatedly abortion restrictions in his State of the Union address to spotlight a girl in the audience who was born at 21 weeks of pregnancy-only under the deadline from Colorado, bill and before the generally accepted window of fetal viability.pushed

The debate is likely to increase, as the nation draws closer taken in the elections of 2020, as leading Democrats, controversial attitudes to the Problem. For example, the former Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared to back away from the condemnation of child murder in an interview with “The view” last week.

Fox News’ Ronn Blitzer contributed to this report.

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