Colombia offers Venezuelan visa holders to stay longer

Colombia offers Venezuelan visa holders to stay longer

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Venezuelans that their temporary residence permit for Colombia have exceeded, have provisionally the country. The local authorities want them to meet, now in Venezuela the tension around the referendum on a constituent assembly rises.

In total, it would go to about 150,000 Venezuelans. They are people with a legal (albeit expired) verblijsvergunning or tourist visa, who do not see sit soon to Venezuela to return. Many migrants fled that country in the past few years, in order to escape food shortages and serious crime.

Agitation for referendum

But in the past week have left many of the locals from Venezuela because of the upcoming referendum on a so-called “constituent assembly”. That in the life to recall the meeting is an idea of president Nicolas Maduro, who claims that peace and security in his country.

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In Venezuela led large-scale and violent protests against his government in the past four months to more than a hundred dead. The protests started from dissatisfaction with the economic situation.

The political opposition wants the vote, which is this coming Sunday takes place, thwart. His opponents think that Maduro with the constituent assembly actually, a dissolution of the parliament wants to implement. On Wednesday and Thursday and kept it a strike. Also during those protests fell dead.

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Legal migrants

In Colombia and other neighbouring countries, the unrest in Venezuela will be closely monitored. The Venezuelan migrants who are now an extension of their residence permits applications, the Colombian measure is seen as a “sign of trust in their share in our society,” said a spokesperson for the migration authority compared to Reuters news agency. “They are legally in the country, but are located by the situation in an unusual circumstance.”

The Venezuelan migrants have ninety days to complete a two-year extension.


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