Colleges and universities in the Italian region Veneto, located close to, out of fear for the feline corona virus

All of the colleges and universities in the Veneto region of italy in the next week to close out of fear of the further spread of the corona virus COVID-19, reported by the Italian channel Tgcom24 on Saturday.

The president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia said that there is as yet no decision has been taken regarding the discharge of such events as celebrations of the carnival in Venice, italy. If the colleges and universities in the region and would open again, it is not yet known. The decision on the closure of the universities attended after the head-teachers from the local authority, had hardly done so when their need to express themselves.

Also, the schools in the Northern Italian town of Piacenza, which is the capital of the region of Emilia-Romagna, in any case, it will be closed until Tuesday the 25th of February, reports Tgcom24. The city residents also take to the busy areas of the city as much as possible.

The Italian government took over the Friday all of these measures, there having been sixteen new besmettingsgevallen of the corona virus COVID-19 is known to have been made. Two of these were identified in the Veneto region.

At least a dozen towns and villages in the northern part of the country to go into quarantine. Also, all of the public events such as sporting events were cancelled. As a result, the Serie B match between Ascoli and Cremonese, for example, is cancelled.

43VideoVerlaten the streets by coronabesmettingen in Italy

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