Collector Cambridge Analytica-data sues Facebook for defamation

Aleksandr Kogan, the researcher via Facebook the data collected that were eventually used by the British databedrijf Cambridge Analytica, suing the social media for defamation, reports The New York Times.

The researcher has the Facebook app that ultimately data from up to 87 million Facebook users were collected. A part of that data was by Cambridge Analytica used for political ads.

Facebook users could, for a fee participate in the by Kogan developed quiz. Thus they gave not only consent to their own data, but also that of their friends to share. Facebook offered appontwikkelaars until april 2015 the opportunity to be on this scale to collect data.

Since the privacyschandaal a year ago has come to light, has Facebook several times to Kogan pointed out. The researcher claims by the company as a scapegoat to be used.

Kogan made the app with the promise that the data would be used for academic research, but sold the data in addition to Cambridge Analytica. That is against the rules of Facebook, but the social media has this as far as is known to march 2018 virtually never enforced, not even to other developers of Facebook apps.

A spokesperson for Facebook called Kogans step to the right in The New York Times, “misguided” and says that the violations of Facebooks policy “the data of people had been compromised”.

A lawyer of Kogan says that Facebook “knew exactly” what his app did, or that she should have known. “Facebook had (after the release of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, red.) hard to find a scapegoat is needed.”

The United Kingdom has Facebook previously a fine of 500,000 pounds (more than 585.000 euro) given for the existence of the function that appontwikkelaars to 2015 data of Facebook users and their friends could gather.

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