‘Collections, Tax authorities in danger due to ICT problems’

‘Collections, Tax authorities in danger due to ICT problems’

Defects with several large ICT-problems, can ensure that collections by the inland revenue at risk.

This is evident from an internal evaluation, according to documents in the hands of The Volkskrant.

“The continuity of the inningsproces is not guaranteed,” according to the internal investigation. Because belastingmedewerkers retire or resign, there would be less and less staff that knows how outdated ICT systems work.

The researchers suggest that a large part of the ICT systems no longer meets the current standards. Officials have, however, forced to work, because there is still no alternative.

The ICT problems may lead to that of letters wrongly sent, or false attacks are distributed.


The Tax office says they are working on the refresh of the systems. These new alternatives are expected to be from 2020 onwards.

The Desk ICT-Testing (BIT) of the ministry of Home Affairs concluded in June that the Tax office there is not likely to succeed with ICT problems to solve. The planned investment for a new computer system would “not be justified”.

According to the BIT, it is unclear whether the new computer system the inningsproces will improve. Also there would be too few and far between software developers and tax collectors, are communicated, so that the last group is not to learn how certain programs are put together.

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