Collard greens: not a superfood, but a lot more than stamppotgroente

Well, it is typical Dutch, is healthy, and also versatile. In addition to kale, in a mixture such as we are accustomed to in the Netherlands, we have the typical winter vegetable are very simple as well as in other dishes.

According to the branche organisation GroentenFruit Huis is buying nearly one-half of all households in the Netherlands, sometimes with fresh cabbage. And even in countries such as the United States continues to bald as well, in English it is known as very popular.

Cabbage is a typical winter vegetable, which is from september to march and are harvested. The fruit is rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, and fiber. Good, then.

The superfoodstatus kale is not a go

Over the past few years, especially in the United States – even with a decent superfoodstatus suggested. Both the concept of a super food as special-status load Renger Witkamp, professor of Nutritional Biology at the Wageningen University & Research and questions. “Well, it is, indeed, a very healthy one, but there are also the claims attributed to it, that the well is not able to live up to.”

Witkamp, that is not the only one. Other scholars have wondered why it is regularly said that well be superior to the other cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower and red cabbage.

The term superfood is used for the vegetables and fruits which are distinguished by a higher content of certain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Witkamp, “But you can’t tell that the kale is healthier than, for example, in broccoli, or brussels sprouts.”

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More than just a stew

In the Netherlands we are familiar with the well, especially as an ingredient for simple food like mashed potato, but there is also so much more. Betina is far away-Oostveen, of the foodblog, Betty’s Kitchen has been a fan of the collard greens, and experiment a lot with the winter vegetable.

Also, she does sometimes have mashed potato, but just in a different way. “I have been using regular and sweet potatoes,” says Drost. “It’s not only good with beef stew, but very good for those who eat less meat to eat with the feta cheese, and pecans or walnuts.”

For a quick and easy meal, ideal for a hotel, it is the pasta with the kale. “As a base, saute an onion and some mushrooms in a wok and then sliced cabbage and make the sauce with some cream or cheese,” she says. “Mix it with the boiled pasta in it, and you’ve got one of the Italian favourites with a Dutch twist.”

A number of different ways to make kale prepare:

  • Cooking: stew with sweet potatoes
  • Stir-frying: pasta with collard greens
  • Baking a savoury pie or a quiche
  • Raw: as a salad
  • Crushing: in a smootie

And did you know that the well, also can be used to make a savory pie or quiche to make it? Sheriff: “The possibilities are endless and it is great to have leftovers cabbage, and other vegetables are to be processed.”

The base of the cake comprises flour, eggs, cream, and cheese. “For a tough cake, you can spice from the Middle East such as sumac or za’atar, add to it. If you’re interested in a sweetener, you can use, for example, cranberries, and walnuts.”

Raw kale in a salad or in a smoothie

Also, raw kale is good to eat. As a salad, for example. “You can have as many raw vegetables in a salad, add it if you want to do,” said Sheriff. Self-serving, they are the boerenkoolsalade like quinoa or barley.

“Very well, where the frost has been over it’s been, it tastes sweeter. So, for example, there are baked pears or apples in it as an extra really make a difference,” says Drost.

If you have the taste of raw kale is too intense, find steam the vegetables for a few minutes, will advise you, Sheriff. “That’s what makes the cabbage softer and smaller, as many of the vitamins are retained.”

And finally, the bar should not be missed. Sheriff: “well, Do raw, or even frozen kale with a bit of fresh fruit and water or milk in a blender.” Bananas and blueberries are best. The powerboost in the morning.”

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