Cold is a threat for tens of thousands of North Koreans

Cold is a threat for tens of thousands of North Koreans

Photo: AFP

The incident cold in North Korea for tens of thousands of people a threat. It comes to residents of the northeast, a region that in the late summer, was hit by the worst floods since seventy years.

In the region which borders China and Russia to 70,000 North Koreans have no roof over their head, the international federation of the Red Cross and Red crescent (IFRC) on Tuesday.

In the affected mountainous region, the roads are bad, like the medical facilities and the sanitary facilities. Also, there is little drinking water.

The IFRC is concerned about the outbreak of infectious diseases. Precisely in this region the winters are particularly severe. The international organization made earlier to 15.5 million dollars to the Red Cross in North Korea for relief, but only a quarter of that money reached its goal.

The floods struck, according to the United Nations, 600,000 people. There were 133 deaths have been counted, but still, there are 395 of them.

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