‘Cohen will Congress tell you that Trump is a racist, con-man and trickster’

Michael Cohen, a former lawyer of the Us president, Donald Trump, the U.s. Congress Wednesday under oath to tell that Trump was aware of various crimes or even command.

“He is a racist. He is a scammer. He is a cheater”, in Cohens statement, that before the commencement of the hearing has been leaked.

Several American media, including The New York Times had a copy of the statement of Cohen to get hold of.

Cohen had already managed to prove that Trump is guilty of “unlawful” acts in the run-up to the elections of 2016, which led him to president made.

Cohen testifies later on Wednesday under oath before the supervisory commission of the House of Representatives.

According to the former personal fixer of Trump was the former presidential candidate involved in payments of zwijggeld to women who claim an affair with him to have had.

Payments may be illegal

One of the documents that Cohen will discuss would be one of the eleven cheques that Trump him in the advanced zwijggeld repaid after his inauguration. That money would come been of Trumps personal bank account.

The zwijggeldbetalingen were potentially a violation of the law on campaign funding, because they were meant to onwelgevallige information about a presidential candidate out of the public eye to keep. That would count as a publication for the campaign, but the payments were not, as such, specified. Trump has repeatedly said is not the payments to have been aware.

Cohens testimony is that Trump “a criminal plan, and external relations to the laws on campaign funding law”.

Cohen has a number of crimes known, including the violation of the law on campaign funding and lie to the Congress.

He entered into a settlement agreement with special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is charged with the investigation of Russian interference in the elections of 2016.


Ruslandonderzoek VS: So is the

‘Trump lied about Trump Tower, Moscow

Cohens lies against the Congress would be turning to plans for a Trump Tower in the Russian capital, Moscow.

That project, ultimately, nothing came, would be much longer continued than Cohen at the time, the parliamentarians have been told. It took until after the time that Trump was elected presidential candidate for the Republican y. Trump denies that to have known.

In contrast to previous speculation, will Cohen argue that Trump, he never directly commanded by the Congress to lie about the planned Moscow skyscraper. “That’s not how he works,” said his statement. Would the personal lawyers of Trump and his false statement on advance having viewed and approved.

Trump was, according to Cohen, even at the height of discussions between his friend and companion, Roger Stone, and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. That klokkenluidersorganisatie published during the election campaign in 2016 internal e-mails from the Democratic y, which, according to American intelligence services, were stolen by hackers in the service of the Russian government.

“I’m ashamed, because I know what mr. Trump is’

The former lawyer of the president, the House will continue to tell you that he is no longer willing his former employer-a hand above the head. “I am ashamed that I chose to cover the illegal acts of mr. Trump to help hide”, in the statement. “I’m ashamed, because I know what mr. Trump is. He is a racist. He is a scammer. He is a cheater.”

While Cohen in the witness box, is Trump in Vietnam for a two-day meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. They will speak about kernontwapening on the Korean Peninsula.

Republicans call Cohen a liar

Republican supporters of the president call the testimony of Cohen, a charade, which is referred to the attention of the summit in the Vietnamese Hanoi.

The Republican representatives in the supervisory commission will Cohen to in all probability be confronted with his lies from the past and him trying to portray as an unreliable witness.

President Trump showed Wednesday via Twitter know that Cohen lies tells to his time in prison to shorten.

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