Cohen says that Trump knew of leak e-mails Democrats by WikiLeaks

Michael Cohen, a former lawyer of the Us president Donald Trump on Wednesday his testimony in Congress. He called the president “a racist, a scammer and a cheater”. Also, he stated that He knew of the leaking of e-mails from the Democrats by WikiLeaks.

Cohen accused Trump in his explanation of various crimes, who in advance already to read in the leaked statement of the ex-lawyer. During the hearing came barely new things to light.

Cohen claimed that Trump him in the run-up to the presidential elections of 2016 gave the order to zwijggeld to pay porno Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboymodel Karen McDougal. Both women claim that Trump having an affair with she has had.

Cohen based his claim with a copy of a cheque of 130,000 u.s. dollars (over 114.000 euro). On the cheque the signature of the president. Trump would give him this money have to be refunded.

Also suggested to Cohen that the president during the election campaign, negotiations and external relations regarding the project, Trump Tower Moscow. According to the former lawyer has Trump about this, lied. The project would be much longer continued than Cohen earlier in the Congress told. It took until after the time that Trump was elected presidential candidate for the Republican y. Trump denies that to have known.


Cohen called Trump ‘a racist, a scammer and a cheat’

Trump knew according to Cohen that WikiLeaks Democratic e-mails started leaking in 2016

Another subject discussed during the hearing Wednesday was the issue regarding the hacked e-mails from the Democratic party, which was published by WikiLeaks. According to Cohen knew Trump that the klokkenluidersorganisatie the e-mails would start to leak.

The former lawyer claims that he was a witness to a phone conversation between Trump and Roger Stone about the e-mails. This conversation took place in the office of the president, a few days before the congress of the Democrats in 2016. Stone told Trump that there are e-mails could be leaked that the campaign of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would damage. Stone would like a phone call about have had of WikiLeaks-founder Julian Assange.

Trump responded, according to Cohen on Stone with the words: “Wouldn’t that be great?”

WikiLeaks responded during the hearing via Twitter on the assertion of Cohen. According to the klokkenluidersorganisatie has Assange never by telephone had contact with Stone.

Trump has always claimed that he was in advance not informed about the leak.

STATEMENT on Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress: WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has never had a telephone call with Roger Stone. WikiLeaks publicly teased its pending publications on Hillary Clinton and published > 30k or her emails on 16 March, 2016.

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Republicans put Cohen fire to the shins during interrogation

After Cohen his statement had read were the committee members of the House to turn the time to interrogate him. The tone during the hearing was especially taken by the attacking Republicans. They claimed time and again that the testimony of Cohen is not reliable, because the former lawyer of Trump has been convicted.

Cohen is in december sentenced to three years in prison, among other things, for fraud and lying to Congress. The old lawyer known earlier that he had lied during a hearing in the Senate about the construction of the Trump Tower.

At the beginning of the trial tried to the Republicans yet. According to the party was the testimony of Cohen, not, as it should, 24 hours in advance and made public. The chairman of the commission, Democrat Cummings, explained the motion. He suggested that the American people have a right to the statement of Cohen.

The hearing on Wednesday is the only public testimony of Cohen. Thursday he has heard behind closed doors.

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