Cocoa makes popularity as a party drug

Emo-eaters already know it longer: chocolate works (for a while anyway) exciting. That they have in Berlin and London’s nightclubs also discovered, because increasingly diving there, drinks, pills and powder on the basis of cocoa.

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Young people who shouldn’t use drugs, but an extra kick search, take in trendy nightclubs in Berlin and London increasingly, in one way or another cocoa. That will give you a short energy boost and would ensure that you get the music more intense experience. Cocoa is in the circuit available as a drink, pill, or simply in powder form.

The Bruges chocolatier Dominique Persoone know everything from chocolate to sniff. In The Morning, he talks about the chocoladesnuifmachine, his invention. With the device, you can cocoa powder – for meerwaardezoekers possibly supplemented with some raspberry, ginger or muntpoeder – in your nose shoot. Since 2008, Persoone already more than 25,000 copies sold.


“The snuifmachine is actually started as a joke for the birthday of Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones,” says Persoone in the newspaper. “In the meantime, the gadget has become a desserthype at parties. But should you’re not behind search. We also, for example, blue viagrapilletjes in chocolate for Valentine’s day.”

You can control the operation of cocoa, especially compared to that of coffee: you end up for a short period of time in a certain state of intoxication, but the stuff remains quite innocent. Addicted to cocoa see Persoone at least, not happen instantly. About coffee said that more and more pills processed. (EK)

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