Coalitiegesprekken Italy seem to stop responding (hang) after a demand Vijfsterrenbeweging

The coalitieonderhandelingen in Italy seem to have stalled after the Vijfsterrenbeweging (M5S) on Tuesday announced the only with a government with the Democratic y (PD), to something as prime minister Giuseppe Conte should be allowed to continue. The PD’s leader, Nicola Zingaretti had been previously to know nothing about it.

Zingaretti, sounded Monday optimistic about the negotiations. If the two parties have on Tuesday is not true, monitor is likely to re-election.

After the fall of the government of the partijloze a premier base for exploring the Vijfsterrenbeweging, and the right-wing-populist party Empty handed, the Italian president, Sergio Mattarella M5S and the PD, a couple of days in order to come to an agreement.

That’s M5S Conte is happy to have you as prime minister can see, it is not surprising, in the last government, it was clear that he was closer to the Vijfsterrenbeweging was in the League of party of the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini. That party seems to be on the basis of the polls, the new elections are going to win.

Whilst the M5S likely to have the greatest loss will be suffered. For the M5S-head Luigi Di Maio has been in the case in which the PD as soon as possible, for her opinion on Conte to change.


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