Coach Wouda very enthusiastic about early finals at the Swim Cup in The Hague

National coach Marcel Wouda of the Netherlands swim team is glad at the Swim Cup next week in The Hague already is taken into account the Olympic Games of 2020 in Tokyo. The finals in the Royal stand next week in the morning on the program, just as it is about a year and a half in Japan.

“I am very excited about,” said Wouda Friday at a press conference in the Pieter van den Hoogenband swim stadium in Eindhoven. “It was a wish of me that I was already in 2016 on the calendar I selected. We móéten are going to practice how it is like to be in the morning finals in swimming. This is a great opportunity.”

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) made in september announced that in consultation with the international swimming federation FINA has decided to zwemfinales at the Olympics in the Japanese morning hours to work, as in the Netherlands, night.

That opportunity was because of the massive time difference in Tokyo is nine hours later than in the Netherlands – are already large. Therefore, some time ago decided to the training of the swimmers else to share, so that the heavy incentives in the morning.

Ranomi Kromowidjojo and Marcel Wouda. ()

“It is not a circus’

Wouda notice that the Dutch swim team are already on the right road as regards the practice swim in the morning. “We have been here for 2.5 years about thinking, there is much discussion and even experts picked. The conclusion was that we actually were on the path and that we now need to optimize what we are already doing,” said the former swimmer.

“So we look at per individual what is the best time to stand or what someone in protein and carbohydrates should eat for breakfast. It should not be a whole circus. Ultimately, the swimmers will be just the starting block and as hard as possible to swim. You can use the very fancy dress up all of them, but the power lies in a good plan.”

The Swim Cup in The Hague from 4 to 7 april. A week later, the Swim Cup in Eindhoven on the program and there will be the finals ‘just’ in the afternoon to swim.

“We have a double goal,” said Wouda. “On the one hand, you want to know how it is to ochtendfinales swimming, on the other hand, it has also an impact on the marketability and the organization of the tournament. We also operate in a world cup where the finals just in the afternoon for swimming. That is why we have made this choice.”

The Swim Cups shall be construed as the main kwalificatiemoment for the WORLDS excellent tactical and technical skills. Global tournament next summer from 12 to 28 July on the programme in the South-Korean Gwangju, a year before the Games in Tokyo.

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