Coach Wiegman (Dutch) after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and in 2021 to open up for migration for men

Coach Sarina Wiegman, the Oranjevrouwen be open to it in the future, mannenteam to work out. She stressed on Sunday, however, that for the time being well for the Dutch fa (KNVB), where they are likely to quickly contract and extend.

The fifty-year-old Wiegman (Dutch) is regarded as one of the most successful coaches in women’s football in recent years. After a win at the european CHAMPIONSHIP in 2017 with a Orange by the FIFA, was voted best coach of the year. Last year, she led the women to the final of the world cup.

Moving to the men, it would certainly not be illogical, although it would of them a suggestion a few months ago, it was still off. Now it seems she is believed to have been changed. “Well, I would be there, but thinking about it,” – commented Wiegman on Sunday in the program ” good Morning Club from FOX Sports to the suggestion.

“If the situation does present itself, I would consider it”, he continued, the born in the Hague. “You will find me at the Oranjevrouwen, what I really want to do it, and I would like to continue it. It’s been my passion now is to be there.”

Wiegman, playing with the Oranjevrouwen this summer at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, japan. The agreement with the union expire at the end of that tournament, but there is a big chance that that commitment was soon extended to the EC by 2021. Wiegman, it is about the bond and conversation.

Sarina Wiegman was established in march of 2017, at the gala, the winner was declared to be the best coach for the team. (Photo: Getty Images)

Switching to the men’s ground-breaking

After that, the tournament would be moved over to the men as a possible next step could be. That would be breakthrough, as in Europe, have never been with a woman as coach of a mannenteam at the highest level has been passed. Corinne Diacre, the current head coach of the French women, the coaches in the past, however, the French second divisionist de Clermont. It was at that time unique in its kind.

Wiegman believes that she can do it all in order to be successful with men. “In the end, it remains in the game of football. I, of course, would be the first of a team to analyze, if I had to be at work. As a coach, you are still a manager as well. But it’s great to have ambitious people and top players to work with. That’s what I do right now.”

The former international is known is that the dynamics of a team is very different from that of a mannenteam. “Men are much more straight-forward. That is to say something to each other, and drink, and then we wanted to go. Women will remain concerning longer hang on, and you should be in contact with each other. And even then, it can come back.”

The Oranjevrouwen state Wiegman is on the threshold of the european CHAMPIONSHIP. After a six-kwalificatieduels, the reigning champion will still be a perfect score, so it’s strange to have to walk away, would the Dutch team in the summer of 2021 are missing out on the tournament in France.

Standings: group A

  • 1. The netherlands, 6-18 (28-3)
  • 2. Russia is 3 to 6 (5 to 2)
  • 3. Kosovo is 3 to 6 (4 to 6)
  • 4. Slovenia, 5 and 6 (14-10)
  • 5. Estonia 4-1 (1-13)
  • 6. Turkey is 5 to 1 (1-19)

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