Coach Stegeman particular ‘schijterig defend one of THE at Sprint

John Stegeman is that the PEC Zwolle Friday is much more of the competitieduel with the Speed it could obtain. The Blauwvingers lost three matches in the second half with a 3-0 in Arnhem, the netherlands.

“The defeat to get ourselves situated,” concluded Stegeman after the match, in the interview with FOX Sports. “We had a fairly comfortable first half in which we own single-turn, through, came, though it was more bark than bite. However, after a rest, we were soon left behind by the schijterig to defend himself.”

The coach of the ACADEMY, referred to in the took advantage of a penalty from Tim Matavz, who was brought up by a handsbal by Etiënne Reijnen. The Slovenian midfielder, had his penalty kick to take over – He Right was early on in his first, failed attempt and hit the goal in the rebound, and passed it to Xavier Mous, in the second place, however.

“I think we’re up for that tonight all is not well done and the penaltymoment itself, we went into it in a half,” said Stegeman. “It was just a mistake. A moment later, they made another mistake and we were 2-0 behind. This is a bit of a problem, and that we are in this kind of situation is just plain bad defending.”

After the 2-0 by Vyacheslav Karavaev in the 64th minute, made it Right and it was ten minutes before the time was still 3-0 at the bus station. “After that third hit, you could see the confidence of the players, decrease. Also, you have to be good and hard balls continue to be able to respond to, but it’s been half-taps, and half the men at the front. When you are playing a losing game.”

The players of PEC Zwolle, bales it out. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Stegeman not be nervous, by the competitiestart

For THE led to the large defeat at Vitesse in the third, lost the first three games of the season. The Zwolle have started the league with a 1-3 defeat against Willem II last week, it was FC Utrecht’s 3-1 too strong.

“The way in which we must defend better, or else we’re going to be very hard to get,” he warned Stegeman, who is in his first season at the ACADEMY. “At Sprint, we made the three thick, with individual errors and, thus, we did to ourselves in the tie. It’s all in the execution, and that should be a lot better.”

That’s THE three games to be stiff at the bottom and have only once managed to score a goal, is Stegeman’s no reason to have to panic. “I’m not nervous, but I’m just not happy with it. The boys have also just fed up. Vitesse is a good team, but we need to look at ourselves.”

The ACADEMY will next week is a new chance to be the first point of the season to win. The team at Stegeman will be playing a home match against Sparta Rotterdam, the netherlands.

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