Coach Sifan Hassan denies dopingaantijgingen USADA


Coach Sifan Hassan denies dopingaantijgingen USADA

Atletiekcoach Alberto Salazar denies that he is doping regulations broken by his athletes an amino acid to be administered through a drip at its training centre in the American state of Oregon.

“I believe in a clean sport and do not provide any prohibited supplements”, says the coach of Sifan Hassan Monday to the BBC.

“I will never doping and allow my methods to comply with the rules of the global antidopingbureau Wada,” continues Salazar, who in addition to Hassan’s multiple world and olympic champion Mo Farah trains.

Salazar hit last weekend, discredited by the Sunday Times, which leaked from a research report of the American antidopingbureau Usada from march 2016. Therein emerges that Salazar “unacceptable health risks” has taken with his athletes.

The amino acid L-carnitine is not prohibited, but the manner in which Salazar with a drip-inflicted. In addition, he would have medications prescribed which have no medical necessity for it.

Unacceptable risks

The USADA report further writes that Salazar “unacceptable risks” and the rules for medicijnvoorschriften has broken by Farah to potentially dangerous doses of vitamin D to take. Are British doctors prevented that, however.

“L-carnitine is widely available and legally permitted, nutritional supplement,” explains Salazar. “It is also not prohibited by Wada, and I have pre-Usada informed that I would go.”

“I have years of voluntary along with Usada. The leaks of information and the expression of false accusations in the press is disturbing, and in this way, a fair trial is not possible,” says Salazar, who has been in June 2015, the under fire was a documentary from the BBC, in which the trainer was accused of experiments with testosterone.

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