Coach, Den Bosch is still with the comment of racism: “I stand behind the Series’

Trainer, Erik and van de Ven FC Den Bosch Sunday night, still decided to initiate a comprehensive response to the events that happened during the game with the Advantage (3-3). The contest is in the Kitchen in the Champion Division, and was temporarily shut down due to racist slogans in the address of the the Excelsior-the player Was Following a Touch.

Van der Ven was right after the game to comment on the incident, and said that he fully endorsed the statement of ‘ s-hertogenbosch was. The home team has argued that it is a “kraaiengeluiden” of their own supporters, which date back to the period of time by Hans Kraay, jr., to Den Bosch to play with.

Hours after the game was decided in the to ” Of the of the Of are still critical to the story. “It’s a statement during the game established because there was already an incident that had taken place,” said the coach, in a interview with FOX Sports.

“I take exception to me is racist and discriminatory spreekkoren. In the light of Following Series I find to be absolutely really have to see it and touch me for sure. Finally, the football is the central focus. I am in direct contact with the Excelsior’s coach, Ricardo Moniz, and that is what we, together, they find a solution.”

According to the Following Series, he was by the Den Bosch supporters, among others, have been determined for the ‘k-black’, ‘k- ‘plan’, ‘katoenplukker’ and ‘Zwarte Piet’. The referee Laurens Gerrets was followed by the record of the BOARD and put the game in the Stadium The Vliert, after a half hour of silence.

Was Mendes-Moreira, and left emotional in the field. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Van de Ven: “it is Not smart to make him a sad man, to be called

In the game, and after a quarter of an hour they resumed, and just before peace was signed at precisely Mendes-Moreira, for the 1-2, on behalf of Excelsior. The attacker celebrated his goal by a fervent welcome to the ‘ s-hertogenbosch-audience-and that in turn led to aggravation of Of of Of giving him a “pathetic little man” to it.

The coach is trying to get in pronunciation, slightly in perspective. “It wasn’t so much the fact that he was being attacked and felt, but more on that after the goal is a provocative question to our fans was. I thought that was not a smart move, because the game had already been shut down. This is the reason why I said that, and that is in retrospect not a smart move.”

“It wasn’t for that kid to deal with them, because it seems to me to be a very kind-hearted and outstanding young man. I didn’t have to say it, but it is at this point, however, is a bit over-inflated. I stand behind the Following Series, which is 100 percent of the time.”

Was Mendes-Moreira celebrated his hit on the general public of The Country. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Den Bosch is going to do their research

Incidentally, it was also in Den Bosch, Sunday night is somewhat back to the contested statement, which is, in the first instance, to the outside it was placed. The people from the netherlands were on Twitter, to know, to demand investigation into possible racism by their own fans, on the basis of the interview of the Mendes-Moreira, after the match.

A spokesman for the club late on Monday to NUsport to know that The Bosch images obtained by FOX Sports. The people from the netherlands are also going to talk to the flight attendants, and other involved parties to get all the facts out on the table.

After that, it will be used to check whether there are penalties that will be imposed on them. As possible, starting with the prosecutor’s professional soccer is also an investigation into the riot. It is not yet clear whether a luxury hotel or a Following Series form part of this contract.

To view the results of the program, and the state is in the Kitchen, the Champion Division

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