Coach Critchley despite a 5-0 loss to a very proud of the youngest of Liverpool has ever

Deputy head coach Neil Critchley, the players of Liverpool, with a heart under the belt, put it after the painful elimination from the world Cup. ‘The Reds’, who is the youngest football team of all time at the kick-off, appeared to be against Aston Villa, and lost to the kwartfinaleduel by as much as 5-0.

The A-team of Liverpool, and is currently working in Qatar for the world cup for clubs, so the Premier League season-the first with a team average of 19 years and 182 days, in taipei, taiwan in the first half. Also, Dutch, Sepp, van den Berg, and Ki-Jana what Extent had the goals under Critchley, normally the coach of the national team, under 23 years of age.

The ” B ” team was not in a position to accede to the offer to Aston Villa for a rest with a 4-0 lead and led. Liverpool did the damage after a calm – limited- Wesley Moraes was not until injury time for the fifth match – but this season will be no chance to make up for the first time since the 2012 world Cup is to win it.

“I’m really, really proud of the guys, and that is the feeling today,” said Critchley at Villa Park. “We did the big parts of the game are good, and I have found ourselves in, in the first ten minutes, even better. I saw it as a real Liverpool team. I think that for the fans, and the stakes really have been appreciated.”

The centre of Liverpool and that Wednesday night in the world cup against mexico’s Monterrey conference play, announced in the beginning of november and is already on a split of the two games. “It was a decision made by the club. But as for the young players, was not bad at all. They have to take advantage, actually, of the success of the first team.”

The Liverpool player, Morgan Boyes has been supported by the fans. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Trainers to the Villa to speak with the Liverpool players in the dressing room

After the boring match was decided at Aston Villa with coach Dean Smith and assistant coach to John Terry in the dressing room, Liverpool, on the search for the gifts of encouraging words to speak to them. That gesture was highly appreciated by Critchley charge.

“It was a very special moment in time. The players of Aston Villa were all exemplary to our players, and it will take everyone a long time to remember that Smith and Terry’s in our locker room came out to be such a great compliment to the show. It was truly a world-class resort.”

Smith was called to be the players are from Liverpool and after the match, as a heart under the belt to sting. “We are especially told that they need to continue to work, and this is the way to go. It was great to be at this stage of the work.”

“It was quite possibly the strangest race I have ever been involved with, especially in a semifinals of a major tournament. Liverpool have had a technically strong players who are in the us, and at times, very difficult to have it, so we had to be professional.”

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